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Using Flickr Problems

by Calvin Callaway, Sun 19 of Sep, 2010 (19:59 UTC)
I can't get my flickr photos to appear in the designer. When I click "Build a Photo Book with Your Flickr images" above, I can see my Flickr albums, but they don't seem to carry over when I try to create a new book. How is this supposed to work?

Re: Using Flickr Problems

by PrestoPhoto Support, Mon 20 of Sep, 2010 (17:55 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto and thanks for your interest.

I'll have an engineer take a look at your account and we'll get back with you :)

Have a great day!

PrestoPhoto support

Image quality

by cuthy, Sun 12 of Jul, 2009 (08:15 UTC)
I was wondering if the quality of the uploaded images is as high if I upload them to flickr and use them (as compared to uploading them directly to viovio)? Also, how would I chose the order that the pictures appear in the book. In the demo it seemed that they just went with the order that they were in flickr. Is there a way to order the images in flickr. Thank you.

Re: Image quality

by PrestoPhoto Support, Tue 14 of Jul, 2009 (17:08 UTC)
yes the quality is the same :) and you should be able to change the order of the photos!

If you have any more questions please contact support :)