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Flickr upload not responding

by Emilucha, Sun 29 of Mar, 2015 (23:11 UTC)
I want to upload pics from Flickr for a calendar. However, when I click upload photos via Flickr within the design option, nothing happens. The system seems to hang forever. The video re Flickr in the help section is not helpful. The PrestoPhoto home page does not look like the one I see.

Using Flickr Problems

by Calvin Callaway, Sun 19 of Sep, 2010 (19:59 UTC)
I can't get my flickr photos to appear in the designer. When I click "Build a Photo Book with Your Flickr images" above, I can see my Flickr albums, but they don't seem to carry over when I try to create a new book. How is this supposed to work?

Re: Using Flickr Problems

by PrestoPhoto Support, Mon 20 of Sep, 2010 (17:55 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto and thanks for your interest.

I'll have an engineer take a look at your account and we'll get back with you :)

Have a great day!

PrestoPhoto support

Image quality

by cuthy, Sun 12 of Jul, 2009 (08:15 UTC)
I was wondering if the quality of the uploaded images is as high if I upload them to flickr and use them (as compared to uploading them directly to viovio)? Also, how would I chose the order that the pictures appear in the book. In the demo it seemed that they just went with the order that they were in flickr. Is there a way to order the images in flickr. Thank you.

Re: Image quality

by PrestoPhoto Support, Tue 14 of Jul, 2009 (17:08 UTC)
yes the quality is the same :) and you should be able to change the order of the photos!

If you have any more questions please contact support :)