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presto photo log

by Jessica Del Genio, Sat 08 of Feb, 2014 (20:16 UTC)
At viovio I could pay $10 extra to have the viovio logo removed from the book. Now I have to pay $149 for a professional membership to get that option? I'm going back to apple. I am very sad as I liked your quality and options better.

Re: presto photo log

by Meghan Haviland, Mon 10 of Feb, 2014 (14:23 UTC)
Hi Jessica,

Thanks for your comment! We do still off this service and it is available in the Webstore right before you add the products you wish to purchase to your cart. I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions. biggrin

Warm regards,

stuck on collating pages screen

by Janette Vohs, Sun 24 of Nov, 2013 (02:58 UTC)
I've finished designing my photo book and trying to move on to the next step in ordering , but I am stuck on the collating pages screen. Nothing seems to be happening. What should I do next?

Re: stuck on collating pages screen

by Meghan Haviland, Mon 25 of Nov, 2013 (15:29 UTC)
Hi Janette!

Thank you for your message. I just looked at your project on and it looks great! Please let me know at if the trouble persists. :)

Warm regards,


by Ruth Dixon, Tue 05 of Nov, 2013 (06:03 UTC)
When I click on the Webstore or Design Cover steps, I get a box titled Collating Pages and it says "Checking status". Nothing ever happens. I have already uploaded my photos and placed my photos on the pages. I'm trying to print 12x12 Scrapbook pages (my jpg fills the full 12x12 page). What am I doing wrong?

Re: Question

by Meghan Haviland, Tue 05 of Nov, 2013 (13:21 UTC)
Hi Ruth,

Thank you for your comment! I just checked your book and it has finished collating and you can preview it now in Step 3. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us on live chat between 8am-5pm EST Monday-Friday and we'll be happy to help!

Warm regards,

Re: Photo Book from iPad

by Meghan Haviland, Thu 12 of Sep, 2013 (14:30 UTC)
Hi there!

There is no limit for the amount of pages - well, your number of pages should be fine. The limit is memory on your iPad. I would try rebooting and doing nothing else but uploading the book. Hopefully that should work!

There is also an export feature that will allow you to place your book in iTunes documents for the device. If you send us that file, we can attempt to get it imported.

I hope this helps!

Warm regards,

Re: Photo Book from iPad

by Meghan Haviland, Wed 11 of Sep, 2013 (14:54 UTC)
Hello! Great question. Did you try uploading again? It should pick up where it left off. If you have any more trouble, please contact us on live chat or at cool

Warm regards,

Re: Photo Book from iPad

by kingjenia, Wed 11 of Sep, 2013 (20:47 UTC)
Yes, I did try to start it again and it began at the beginning. I will go ahead and try to do it again hopefully the entire thing will go through. So, should I assume there is no limit to the number of pages in my photo book? It was so much fun creating the book, but with 226 pages, I really don't want to start overconfused

Photo Book from iPad

by kingjenia, Tue 10 of Sep, 2013 (22:32 UTC)
Hi there: I tried uploading a large photo book I created using the iPad application and the process quit at about 1/2 way done. When I look at the item online, none of the photo pages posted but the process was on page 113 of 226 when it quit. Do I have to start all over again? Is there a limit to the number of pages that can be printed in one book? Do I need to break it up into separate books of smaller number of pages? I really would like to keep it all together. Thanks, jenia