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Return Policy

We take pride in producing quality photo books at a low cost within days of each order being placed. In order to meet the low cost and quick turnaround benchmarks our photo books are printed automatically as they are ordered. Because of the production expense we are unable to cancel orders or accept returns.

For this reason, we HIGHLY suggest / recommend you carefully inspect your preview files and be sure that you are satisfied with your creation prior to purchase. We give you an opportunity to preview your layout prior to creating your cover. Please take the time to carefully review your preview. Also, please be sure your files are at 300 dpi. If your files are pixelated and they are less than 300 dpi then the error is not a print error it is an error with the file. We don't reprint if the error is a file error.

Upon receipt of your photo book, if you are unsatisfied please contact support with an explanation of the issue and/or defect. We will ask you to send .jpg images of any item of concern so we can see what you see. We will gladly investigate. If the error is due to the file, we are unable to replace the book because it is not a print error and reprinting would just produce the same error.

Returns or Exchanges

We don't accept returns for printed products, nor do we accept exchanges. Unlike a mass-manufactured product, every product is made just for you when you place your order. If there is a problem, let us know and we will work with you to get the issue resolved. If you are uncertain about our process, we recommend you place a very small test order.

We cannot cancel orders in manufacturing

For most of our books, covers and interiors are printed separately. Then, like shuffling the world's largest deck of cards, each book interior is united with it's cover during binding. This allows fantastic efficiencies (low prices!), but also has a drawback - we cannot cancel orders. Creating on-demand books is a like a giant train, where new orders are added to the end of train. We cannot stop this train easily without incurring a great deal of risk and cost. For this reason, we cannot cancel your order once it has been placed and manufacturing has started.

With great power comes much responsibility

Being able to create a single copy of a professional quality bound book is a fantastic technology. We work hard on delivering the product for you. Your part is to make sure you have dotted your i's and crossed your t's. Please note we will not reprint books because typos, or that have layout problems such as incorrect pagination.

Ship Estimates are, well, Estimates

Our shipping times are estimates. Most orders go very smoothly. However, creating one of a kind books is not like a retail business where we can simply take a manufactured product, put it in a box, and ship it out. Difficulties in printing custom documents do occur, and they can delay your order. Additionally, manufacturing processes vary in time, particularly during the holiday rush in December. Because of this, we do not refund orders or shipping charges.

Perfectionists Beware

Creating one-of-a-kind products means that every product is unique, even within the same print run. We have very high quality standards, and nearly all of our customers are thrilled with our products. Those who are least satisfied tend to be perfectionists and have expectations above the capabilities of on-demand technology, or professionals who are accustomed to offset manufacturing which has advantages that are realized only because of the expensive start-up costs.

Be advised we will not replace books for minor variations in our standard color. If you are very picky about color, order a test book first to decide if our process meets your expectations. See our information on Color Specs for details. We will not replace books for minor variations in binding manufacturing. This includes small offsets or imperfections that may occur during trimming.

Much like any retailer, we offer a 30 day period to bring any questions to our attention. Any concerns raised after 30 days have passed will be solely at our discretion if further action is taken.


One page behind

by Alan, Sun 08 of Dec, 2013 (23:40 UTC)

I recently received my printed portfolio but there seems to be a mistake on the page sequence. All the files are correct however the entire book is one page ahead, thus breaking the layout for every spread. I would like to know if I can be refunded or if the book can be re-printed.

Thank you.


Re: One page behind

by Meghan Haviland, Mon 09 of Dec, 2013 (16:46 UTC)
Hi Alan,

Thank you for your message. For further assistance, please send photos of the book you received to along with your order number. We will be happy to help from there!

Warm regards,

Customer Satisfaction

by Jule, Tue 16 of Apr, 2013 (01:31 UTC)
What do you do if your customer is completely unsatisfied with a book. How can I be sure that I will be a happy customer when ordering a photo book? I have printed many books through iphoto and don't want to receive a book from PrestoPhoto that does not cost that much less than iphoto and think----"you get what you pay for". What is the quality of your books?

Thank You.

Re: Customer Satisfaction

by Meghan Haviland, Tue 16 of Apr, 2013 (20:36 UTC)
Hi Jule!

Great question. I completely understand your concern and here is what I will say. Every printer our there has its own look. Book printing is not unlike custom clothing - we guarantee that it will be free from defect but cannot guarantee that you will necessarily like the look. Mu suggestion would be to order something small to see if you do like our look, then go from there.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to e-mail us at We're always happy to help! :)

Warm regards,
PrestoPhoto Support

Book has wrong cover

by pam Middleton, Mon 06 of Aug, 2012 (01:26 UTC)
Hello. I ordered a book and when it arrived, the front cover was different than what I has ordered. I ordered a 10x10 embossed hardcover with tan suede material and a photo, but the book I received has a plain black cover. The rest of the book is correct, just the cover is wrong. Can I receive a refund?

Re: Book has wrong cover

by PrestoPhoto Support, Mon 06 of Aug, 2012 (14:13 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto, I'm so sorry for any trouble!

If you could email the concern along with the Order number to We will review it and make sure that you're taken care of!

PrestoPhoto support

Question about damage

by sorro_75, Wed 27 of Jun, 2012 (15:33 UTC)
Hi, I have ordered books from you before and didn't have any problem whatsoever. Today I recieved a book and it had a dent on the upper part of the cover and a dark speck in the first page. Can that be enough for a return??

Re: Question about damage

by PrestoPhoto Support, Wed 27 of Jun, 2012 (16:33 UTC)

Since the book was damaged, we should be able to send a replacement at no cost to you. Please take a photo of the damaged book and send it to along with the order number.

PrestoPhoto Support