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Photo Calendar

INTO THE VORTEX is a collection of images by photographer Jeff Kravitz. These photographs encompass a discovery that Kravitz made while shooting bands at music festivals. When the sun goes down, the glow toys come out and with the advent of LED Hula Hoops, playtime got kicked up a notch. Enter Into the Vortex and you'll wish the year had more months.

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Designer Photo Calendar , Made in the USA Made in the USA
Product ID: 113894 Published 13 Dec 2011



by Jeff Kravitz, 13 Dec 2011 (21:31 UTC)
Thanks for checking out Into the Vortex. This is a new thing for me, if you have any issues or question is my email. You can't preview the calendar but there are over 40 psychedelic images packed in 12 months.