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Where does Page 1 appear?

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Meghan Haviland
Joined: 13 Feb 2013

Re: Where does Page 1 appear?

Posted:18 Mar 2013 (17:46 UTC)
Hi Patience!

For all of our books, the first page of the interior file always prints on the right, just like a novel. We don't print on the inside of either the front or back cover. Here is a link to a picture of how this looks:

This is very important to note when uploading a PDF and selecting the upload specs. If page one of your PDF is pulled off to be the cover, then what you intent to be page two of your PDF will become page one of your interior book file (falling on the right). This will throw off the pagination of the remainder of your book.

If you create your entire book as 2 page spreads and upload it correctly. Page one will begin on the right side of the page and the pagination of the book will not be correct either. You will need to create an single page at the beginning to lead off your spreads - this will ensure correct pagination of your project.

Keep this in mind when creating 2-page spreads and uploading pdf's.

You can always review your projects pagination at Step 3 in the Layout Preview to ensure it's correctness.

Kind regards,

PrestoPhoto Support
patience sayler
Joined: 18 Mar 2013

Where does Page 1 appear?

Posted:18 Mar 2013 (04:00 UTC)
Does Page 1 of my template appear opposite the inside of the front cover, or is Page 1 and Page 2 opposite each other in the first full pair of pages?