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Re: Not recommended

Posted:19 Apr 2023 (17:24 UTC)
Oh goodness, we would love to make this right for you! Would you mind emailing us at with your images and descriptions of your concerns, along with the order number? Once we have this information we will take it to our production manager straight away for review.

Thank you for your assistance :)
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Not recommended

Posted:21 Mar 2023 (23:02 UTC)
I am deeply disappointed with the poor quality of the books produced by this printing shop, despite the good customer service experience. While the agent were polite and responsive, the core issues with the final product cannot be overlooked.

The most noticeable problem with the books is the significant color discrepancy between the pages. This makes for an unappealing and inconsistent visual experience. Additionally, the binding of the pages is not secure, leading to pages falling out easily when turning them. This flaw significantly diminishes the usability and value of the book.

Moreover, the packaging used to ship the book is of extremely low quality and offers no real protection. As a result, the book arrived with a damaged spine due to rough handling during transit.

While the customer service team's attitude was commendable, the core issues with the book's quality cannot be ignored. Overall, I would not recommend this printing shop to anyone seeking high-quality printing and binding services. The severe color discrepancy and weak binding render the final product unusable, and the subpar packaging results in books arriving damaged.
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