Very disappointed

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Re: Very disappointed

Posted:11 May 2023 (15:21 UTC)
Oh gosh, this definitely looks like something we’d like to investigate further! For any concerns about production or manufacturing errors, we recommend reaching out to us directly at so we can best assist.

We’ve gone ahead and reached out to you directly to discuss this further!
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Very disappointed

Posted:26 Apr 2023 (22:15 UTC)
The image quality is good, but is cut unevenly. Literally crooked. It's slight but definitely noticeable. Also, the product was bent - not during shipping - but clearly from being stuffed in the mailer. The packaging is pristine, so I know that's how it happened. I print photos and art for local shows and I hoped I had found a dependable resource to supply my images, but the overall experience tells me otherwise.
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