14x11 Portfolio Photo Book

Large format Photo Books Ideal for Portfolios and Artistic Photographs

Imagewrap Hardcover and Wire-O Softcover

Our 14 x 11 portfolio book is great for beautiful photographs, along with being geared towards architects, photographers, and graphic professionals. The quality of the printing and binding is as beautiful as the photos you take! We recommend to full bleed your image to cover the entire page for the most impactful results.

14"x11" Available Product Types

Our 14”x11" books are offered in our Wire-O Softcover!


Hard Cover


Soft Cover

Imagewrap Photo Books

Our Imagewrap books are acid-free and built to impress with laminated covers that make colors pop and full-bleed images available on every page.

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Interior Paper


146 GSM

Product Photo
14"x11" Photo Book Specifications
Product Family Landscape Photo Books
Min/Max Pages: 20 to 400*
Final Dimensions 14"x11"
PDF Upload Dimensions 14.25"x11.25"
Cover Hardcover
Spine Imagewrap, Text available depending on size of book
Production Time Hardcovers: 5-10 business days
Softcovers: 4-7 business days

Wire-O Photo Books

The Wire-O binding is a strong wire spine that does not spiral out of the pages with use. This durable binding option allows your book to display flat on a table.

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Interior Paper


190 GSM


220 GSM


300 GSM

Product Photo
11x8.5 Photo Book Specifications
Product Family Landscape Photo Books
Min/Max Pages: 20 to 400*
Final Dimensions 14"x11"
PDF Upload Dimensions 14.25"x11.25"
Cover Softcover (Please Note: The cover is not laminated and will match your interior paper selection.)
Spine Wire-O
Production Time Softcovers: 4-7 business days


First page?

by Julie Hrachovy, 03 Jan 2012 (04:09 UTC)

Re: First page?

by PrestoPhoto Support, 03 Jan 2012 (14:24 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

All of our books begin with page 1 on the right side of the book, just like a novel.

You can easily see the pagination (the way the pages lay) in the previews (Layout Preview and Flip Preview) at Step 3 in the Design process - it is most effectively viewed in the Flip Preview with a description of each page labeled at the bottom.

If you order a hardcover book their will be a black endleaf at both the front cover of the book and the back cover of the book: http://www.prestophoto.com/photos/image/473411/6601/15298 - this is standard in manufacturing hardcover books. It will not be in the softcover books.

Let us know if you have any other questions and we will do our best to help!

PrestoPhoto support


by Fenida Lightle, 22 Jun 2011 (12:37 UTC)
Do you have 14x11 with hardcover leather binding and premium printing?

Re: Hardcover

by PrestoPhoto Support, 22 Jun 2011 (15:09 UTC)
Greetings Fenida!

Unfortunately right now this wire-o is the only 14x 11 that we offer. To order a book with a leather front please see our material wrap square books!


Designing pages in Photoshop

by Creg Kennedy, 30 Apr 2011 (13:20 UTC)
When you design the 14x11 page in Photoshop, can you run your design/image to the edge of the page or should you allow for cut off by moving the edge of the design/image back from the outer border of the page?

Re: Designing pages in Photoshop

by PrestoPhoto Support, 02 May 2011 (10:47 UTC)
We prefer one complete PDF or separate .jpg files. We recommend your images be at 300 dpi.

For all our trim sizes we recommend you make the cover images as well as the interior page images 1/4" larger than your book size. For example if you plan to create an 8.5x11 book the cover image as well as interior pages would be 8.75x11.25 (at 300 dpi).

Most importantly, keep all important items (people, heads, text,borders) away from the outer 1/2" on all sides.

Here is a page that may help

We trim 1/8" on all sides and just keep in mind an 1/8" is a greater percentage of the book for our mini books than it is for say an 8.5x11 book. In other words 1/8" is a greater percentage of 5" than it is of 8.5". Does that make sense?

If you have other questions or if I missed something let me know and I'll do my best to help.


by , 20 Apr 2011 (03:21 UTC)
Are each page 14x11, or is it that size once opened with both pages combined?

Re: size

by PrestoPhoto Support, 24 Apr 2011 (09:48 UTC)
Each page is 14x11

Interior Paper

by Jess, 15 Mar 2011 (12:38 UTC)
Does the interior paper have to be gloss? Can it be matte?

Re: Interior Paper

by PrestoPhoto Support, 16 Mar 2011 (17:31 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto and thank you for your interest.

Heavy Stock Gloss
120# Cover Stock (218gsm) Coated Gloss Stock
Unique to the 14x11 portfolio book, this product uses a true coated paper, and has a higher sheen, which you may or may not like. This product is most popular with architects, artwork, and similar presentations.

We would recommend you order a small test to find out your preference.

All paper is acid-free.

NOTE: The term 'text' refers to interior paper, and 'cover' refers to cover stock. So 100# cover stock is not the same thickness as 100# text stock!

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