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Ship Options and Delivery Times

Shipping methods, time, and cost

Shipping Options

Get your Instant Shipping Quote

Shipping Options

While we aren't able to provide a quote for shipping costs since it will vary based on the final order, we offer the ability to receive an estimated shipping quote for both destination and quantity for every product in our store. Simply choose any product in our bookstore, for example this book, select your product option and quantity, then click "Get An Instant Shipping Quote".

Manufacturing Times

Being an on demand printer, our books do take time to be printed prior to shipping, unlike large retailers who have shelves full of products ready to ship!

Softcover manufacturing time takes between 2-4 business days*

Hardcover manufacturing time takes between 5-6 business days*

Specialty product manufacturing takes between 4-5 business days*

(*Estimates are for orders of 25 books or less and precede shipping time. These estimates are subject to change depending on the volume of orders)

Available Shipping Methods

Domestic Shipping Methods

Method Delivery Estimate
FedEx Priority Overnight Next Business Day
FedEx 2 Day 2 Business Days
FedEx Express Saver 3-5 Business Days
FedEx Ground 5-7 Business Days
USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Business Days
USPS Media Mail 2-3 Weeks

International Shipping Methods

Method Delivery Estimate
FedEx Int'l Priority 1-4 Business days
FedEx Int'l Economy 5-10 Business days
USPS Priority Mail Int'l 6-10 Business Days
USPS First Class Package Int'l 7-21 Business Days

SuperSaver Shipping

Our SuperSaver Shipping methods offer a great compromise between cost and shipping times!

Method Delivery Estimate
Domestic 4-7 Business days
International 4-8 Weeks

To be eligible for SuperSaver Shipping, your order must have a sub-total of at least $30.00 and be no more than $250.00.

Keep in mind that this method is a very slow ship method, so we don't suggest using it if you are on a deadline. The times listed above are estimates, however delays can be common with non-priority shipping methods. If time is not an issue this is a great option!

Feel free to check with us on what ship method would be best for you based on your deadline via Live Chat or Email Us, we're happy to help!

A Few More FAQs

Being an on demand printer, our books do take time to be printed prior to shipping, unlike large retailers who have shelves full of products ready to ship!

Our manufacturing times will vary depending on the product you’re planning on ordering. Typically though, manufacturing takes between 2-7 business days.

Choosing the best shipping method is a person-by-person decision based on each customer's needs. Some customers require a quicker delivery, and others are more worried about the cost. Due to these different factors, there is no 1 best method.

However, when deadlines are involved we HIGHLY recommend placing your order with a faster shipping method, such as USPS Priority Mail or FedEx 2-Day for Domestic orders and FedEx International Priority for International Orders. We cannot guarantee changes to an order after it is sent for production, including the shipping method, though we do our best!

Have an order that you need ASAP, but our manufacturing times won’t get it there in time? Orders that meet the following criteria are eligible for our expedited manufacturing service.

  • Most Hardcovers and Softcovers are eligible
  • Delivery within the US
  • Single Title (Orders containing multiple titles cannot be expedited)
  • No more than 10 copies

If you wish to expedite your order, you must place that order prior to 3pm (EST). Orders that are expedited will be shipped in 1-3 business days, preceding the actual shipping transit time.

The cost for our expedite service is 25% of the order total, including shipping.

Expedited order are processed manually, so if you plan on expediting your order, we suggest leaving a note during checkout as well as Emailing Us!

To learn all about expediting the manufacturing time of your order please read our Expediting Orders page!

The turnaround time from the moment your order is placed to the moment your package is delivered will vary based on several factors. Those factors include:

  • Type of product being ordered
  • Shipping method selected
  • Package destination

The delivery estimates listed above are just estimates and may be affected by factors over which we have no control. These factors include incorrect delivery address, customs delays, and Post Office delivery restrictions. Orders which are affected by these factors tend to arrive much later than estimated, and we will take no action on these orders during that time.

FedEx has been known to be one of the most reliable shipping carriers. Providing service both Domestically and Internationally, they cover a large portion of our client base. Please read through some of these important FAQ’s about FedEx:

  • FedEx business days are Monday through Friday.
  • Tracking numbers are provided for all orders shipped via FedEx
  • FedEx does not deliver to P.O. Boxes

USPS is our most frequently used Domestic and International shipping carrier. Please read through some of these important FAQ’s about USPS:

  • USPS business days are Monday through Saturday.
  • Each USPS package receives a Delivery Confirmation number.
  • Orders being shipped to an APO/FPO (Military Mail) or PO Box must be shipped via USPS

When ordering from outside of the US, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration.

  • International packages are delivered via the postal service of the destination country. We cannot ship to international PO Boxes.
  • We are constantly expanding our offerings and are working on securing more international shipping options. Check back for updates!

Customs Note: Duties or taxes levied for packages arriving from outside the destination country are determined by local Customs and Immigration agencies and ARE the responsibility of the recipient. We cannot be held responsible for any Duties or Customs Taxes.


Shipping to Indonesia

by Adhe Pahlevi, 14 Jan 2012 (18:12 UTC)
Is it PrestoPhoto deliver to Indonesia

Re: Shipping to Indonesia

by PrestoPhoto Support, 16 Jan 2012 (14:56 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto - Yes we can deliver to Indonesia!

PrestoPhoto support

Shippment To Sydney

by lora boulhabi, 01 Dec 2011 (04:12 UTC)

I just would like to know which mail company would you use to ship to Sydney Australia ?
If USPS, is it possible to ask for being shipped with FedEx ? with my account ?

Thanks for your answer,


Re: Shippment To Sydney

by Amanda, 01 Dec 2011 (16:34 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

We can ship either USPS or FedEx. We generally suggest FeEx for all International shipping. If you have specific questions regarding a personal account please email those questions to

PrestoPhoto support

Shipping to India

by Kunal, 18 Nov 2011 (09:59 UTC)
Do you ship to India?

Re: Shipping to India

by PrestoPhoto Support, 18 Nov 2011 (15:57 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

Yes, we do ship to India!

If you have any further questions or want confirmation of a specific address, please let us know by emailiing and we'll help in any way we can.

Kind regards,
PrestoPhoto support

Order 74824, Lake Quivira Reflections

by howard johnson, 30 Aug 2011 (16:15 UTC)
Order No:74824 I ordered 2 books. Have decided I some options for a combined delivery of the 2 books after receiving an expected shipping date of Wed, Sept 7.

Super saving shipping shows 2-3 week delivery. What options can I change it to for faster delivery. That is longer than I want to wait.

After getting your suggestions how do I change and pay for it.

howard johnson

Re: Order 74824, Lake Quivira Reflections

by PrestoPhoto Support, 30 Aug 2011 (16:47 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto, thank you for your inquiry! When an order is placed for both Premium Photo Paper and Express Silk Photo Paper they are sent to 2 different parts of the our Production Departments, hence the 2 separate emails. However you were only charged for combined delivery!

If you are interested in speeding up your delivery time that is not a problem as long as the order has not shipped yet. Simply email us at and we can assist you in making that happen!

PrestoPhoto support

Shipping Cost

by PrestoPhoto Support, 02 Aug 2011 (16:23 UTC)
I'm afraid I can't give you an exact estimate for shipping. Ship time and cost depend on the ship to address, weight of package, and most importantly ship method selected. Thus, it is not possible to provide an accurate ship cost.

We do offer a ship cost estimator. All you need to do is put your book in your shopping cart and click the Get an Instant Shipping Quote! link at the bottom of the page.

If your order total is over $30.00, we offer a flat rate ship cost of $7.99 for international shipping and $1.99 for domestic. This is a very slow ship method so don't use it if you are on a deadline. If time is not an issue then you may consider that option.

If you have the product in your account you can add it to your cart and view all our ship method options without having to complete the checkout process or give us credit card information.

PrestoPhoto Support

Shipping cost

by , 30 Jul 2011 (15:53 UTC)
How much is the shipping cost for a 12x12 photo book to United Kingdom (EUROPE)?
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