Uploading Zipped Files

Step by step process to zipping (compressing) and uploading images to Presto Photo

IF YOUR COMPUTER IS A MAC and you need instructions on how to zip your file, then simply follow the instructions provided here: Zipping files using a Mac Once you have completed zipping the file then you can continue along with instruction #9 located below on this page - this will show you how to upload your zipped file.

IF YOUR COMPUTER IS A PC then you might need to a zip program in order to zip your images. If this is the case then,

1- Go to www.winzip.com and select the WinZip link under the Downloads section.

2- You will be taken to the area where you can download the program to your PC. There is a download guide to review during the download process if you would like to review it prior to continuing.

3- After you select the download you should save to disk and save to your downloads folder on your PC.

4- To Install:
Double-click the download file, winzip100.exe, to start the installation procedure.

5- The installation process will guide you through a few steps and conclude where you are able to create a zip file. To begin the zipping process select the Wizard button to the right, Select Next

6- select the radio button for "create a new Zip file", select Next,

7- Name the file you are creating something meaningful to the group of images, select Next. NOTE: Remember where the file is stored on your PC

8- Select the add files or add folders button; browse your PC to the folder you plan to upload, select ok on your PC
select zip now, select finish

You are now READY TO UPLOAD the zipped folder

9- Go to your "My Photos" tab located at the top of the page. Select the "Upload Images" link. Select "Browse" so that you can retrieve the zipped folder from your Desktop

10- Select the "Open" button when you have located the zipped file. Designate the gallery to which you plan to add the images. Select the security level that you desire ("Private" or "Publicly Visible"). Then select the "Upload files" button.

NOTE: The number of images you are uploading, the size of your images, and your modem speed will determine the time to upload the file.

11- When the process completes you will be taken back to your gallery. In your gallery you can then designate your image order. CONGRATULATIONS!!!