12x12 Digital Scrapbook Printed Pages

Ideal for hybrid scrapbooking, these affordable printed scrapbook pages allow you to custom bind your own scrapbook

Premium 12x12 Digital Scrapbook Prints

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New: Premium Pages are Full Bleed Edge-to-Edge and higher print quality

Do you want to add pages to an existing scrapbook album, frame them for display, or use them in a hybrid project? If yes, this is the option you have been waiting for! The same digital silk quality pages available in the 12x12 bound books are now available loose at a low price.

To order loose pages simply create your gallery, upload your pages, and select the "loose pages" option when you are ready to purchase.

NOTE: loose pages are printed as single pages (front & back) unless you select the single sided print option. Then they will print on one side only and the other side will be blank (white).
12x12 Loose Pages Specifications
Product FamilySquare Photo Books
PricingStarts at $1.00 / page
Min/Max Pages: 10 to 500
Interior PaperPremium
Final Dimensions12"x12" (30.5x30.5cm)
PDF Upload Dimensions12.25"x12.25" (31.1x31.1cm)
Cover BindingNone
Production Time5-10 business days

Pages can be purchased bound or unbound
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Upload loose pages

by Anne Maher, Sun 31 of Aug, 2014 (22:27 UTC)
I have read the question here re uploading loose pages but when I go to the recommeded page I cannot find any option for loose pages, just book title, and lots of book details. I will put my loose pages in a pdf. Thanks

Full Page Spread

by Sami, Mon 18 of Aug, 2014 (01:25 UTC)
I was wondering if I order loose leaf pages if I can still upload them in a full page spread, or if I need to go back to photoshop and put them in a 12:12 image before uploading.

Photoshop Dimensions?

by T. Smith, Sat 16 of Aug, 2014 (15:57 UTC)
I purchased a 12x12 photo album at Disneyland. What size do I need to make my images on Photoshop 12x12 or 12.25x12.25? Do you crop the loose pages? The sleeves in the photo album are for a true 12x12 page. I will be uploading JPEGs. Thank you.

vivo logo and loose pages?

by Holly Lovell, Sun 29 of Dec, 2013 (20:13 UTC)
Do loose pages have the logo to and if so is it just on the first page ordered and what does it look like? If I pay the $10 to take it off will it stay off all items ordered in the future or do I have to pay everytime?

Re: vivo logo and loose pages?

by Meghan Haviland, Mon 30 of Dec, 2013 (15:34 UTC)
Hi Holly!

Great question. If you order loose pages, there will not be a logo on any of them because you are not getting a cover. No need to pay the logo removal fee. I hope this helps!

Warm regards,
Presto Photo Support

Re: Loose Pages - 12x12

by Brenda, Mon 14 of Oct, 2013 (22:10 UTC)
Hi Lisa!

Thank you for your reply. For loose leaf pages, we require a minimum of 10 pages in order to process your order. No cover and back are required for loose leaf pages when your creating your order in the Book Designer. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@prestophoto.com

Warm Regards,

PrestoPhoto Support

Loose Pages - 12x12

by Lisa Deickman, Sat 12 of Oct, 2013 (23:53 UTC)
I have tried to purchase my single 12x12 page and I don't see where there is a "loose page" option when purchasing. This error goes up "No products are available for this Designer Photo Book". Is it possible to purchase a single page without creating a book cover/back?

Paper Quality

by bolted, Fri 30 of Nov, 2012 (21:48 UTC)
Could I have more information about the type of paper used for these loose scrapbook pages? It says premium, but does it print matte? Is it durable card stock or glossy photo paper?

Re: Paper Quality

by PrestoPhoto Support, Mon 03 of Dec, 2012 (16:43 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

You can read all about our Premium Photo Paper that's used for our Loose Pages here: http://www.prestophoto.com/wiki/PrestoPhoto+Premium

PrestoPhoto support

Uploading from My Memories Suite 3

by Diane, Mon 10 of Sep, 2012 (16:25 UTC)
I would like to upload completed pages from My Memories Suite 3 for 12x12 loose page printing. They can be in a JPEG, PNG or PDF format. Is that possible?
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