Expediting Orders

Information about expediting orders

For those in a hurry, we offer an expedite service for orders shipping within the United States. However there are some restrictions as outlined below.

Have a backup plan

Things go wrong with print on demand manufacturing. Sometimes books just won't print. Sometimes machinery breaks. Sometimes a giant snow storm shuts down airports and brings shipping to a halt. Things happen. Have a plan for what to do if you do not receive your products in time. If you have no Plan B, our expedite service is not for you.

The Cost

We charge an additional 25% of your order total, including shipping. Expedited orders go through an alternate manufacturing process. This inherently makes it more costly and more risky for us.

What can be expedited?

  • Express softcovers and cards can ship the next business day if ordered by 3PM EST.
  • Most premium books and express hardcovers can ship in two business days if ordered by 3PM EST.
  • Orders being delivered to a US address.

Die-cut, wire-o, black and white and a few color imagewrap hardcovers (7x5, 6x9) are not eligible for expedite.

There is no expedite service during our holiday rush period from November 15 - December 31.

This is not a guarantee

We promise to do our very best to get your order delivered in time. Sometimes, it just doesn't happen for the reasons mentioned above (about 1 out of 20 expedites fail to make it in time.)

What if it doesn't arrive in time?

We will refund the expedite fee and *only* the expedite fee if it doesn't arrive in time. You will not be able to cancel the order, as it has already gone through the production process. If this makes you uncomfortable, we suggest you consider alternate solutions.

How to increase your odds of success

If the project has vital content that is subject to being trimmed during production you will be contacted. This greatly slows down the process, so please review all crop-guides before placing an expedited order. Also check out our page on Cropping And Bleed.

How to expedite an order

If you have made it this far, you are clearly committed. To proceed with an expedite simply place your order and put in the order notes that are available to you in checkout that you "wish to expedite the order and approve the 25% fee associated." It is a manual process where we will queue your order in a separate production line, and manually charge the extra 25% fee. Once the order has been reviewed and moved into production we will contact you confirming the ship date.

Feel free to send us an email or hop on Live Chat once you've placed the order with your comments to confirm that we received your note and that the order will be expedited.

What if I already placed the order?

If you have already placed the order and decide you need to expedite after it's been moved into production, then Contact to see if expediting your order is still possible. Usually this will not be an option, because our printing process depends on quickly moving books onto the production floor.

What shipping should I choose?

As with any publishing company manufacturing precedes shipping on all orders. Expediting an order speeds up ONLY the order's manufacturing time. Choose a shipping method that meets your deadline combined with the manufacturing time. USPS Priority Mail does not guarantee delivery, so for time sensitive orders we suggest using FedEx as your carrier. FedEx Overnight Priority guarantees shipping by 11:30am EST.

A common approach is to expedite an order with FedEx 2 Day shipping for a good combination of speed and cost.

What about bulk orders?

If you have a bulk order and need it expedited you will first be asked if you want a proof copy of the order.

NOTE: if a proof is waved we will not be able to print re-orders due to concerns with the uploaded file or pictures (ex: a spelling mistake, content trimmed or folded that's under the crop-guides, poor picture quality, blurry or pixelated images due to low dpi, 3-piece spine, spine-text not aligned properly, unsatisfactory pdf results due to software - see our PDF Specs, which is why a proof is so highly recommended.

Proofing the order gives you the option of receiving a single copy of the order as a proof copy. Once you receive the copy you will be able to make changes to the project before moving the remainder forward. This essentially doubles the manufacturing/shipping time to accomplish, but is highly recommended with large orders to ensure quality.