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Birthdays showing up one day early

by Ernie, 28 Dec 2023 (22:32 UTC)

I am trying to finish up my 2024 calendar by adding in birthdays and holidays. But the birthdays are coming up one day early. For instance, Contacts shows a person's birthday of 13 Jan, but it is coming up as 12 Jan. This may be a regional issue since I am in Australia. Is there a way to fix the issue and show the dates correctly?

I also notice there is support for US and Canada holidays. But living in Australia, is there a way to show other country's holidays. Mac Calendar supports multiple countries holidays. Please add support for other countries (and religion?) holidays.


Can you print an Apple Mac Photos Calendar from a PDF File

by James Martin, 07 Dec 2018 (06:11 UTC)
I learned Apple no longer prints calendars for their customers, after I created my annual calendar in Apple Photos. Can you print and ship my calendar from the Apple PDF file? Thanks!

Re: Can you print an Apple Mac Photos Calendar from a PDF File

by MJ, 14 Dec 2018 (15:53 UTC)
Hello James,

Yes, we can print a Calendar from an Apple PDF, however please note that we do not offer the 13"x10" Calendar size at this time. We are hoping to have this size in the new year.

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support
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