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Printing Specifications

Printing Specifications


We have two software options: the Online Book Designer or use the PDF Wizard with desktop software.


Our Photo Paper Types provide several solutions for your Photo Book Printing or Photo Prints.


We offer a variety of Book Binding and Covers. Softbound covers are full color, laminated 100# Ultra Gloss Cover Stock, Digital Color Silk - C2S, 90 bright. Hardcovers are made with high quality .088" binder's board. They have plain white head and foot bands and 80# cover black end sheets. Imagewrap books offer spine text as long as they are at least 40 pages. Books with material covers or wire-o binding do not offer spine text.

Our printers are the latest Xerox iGen and HP Indigo printers to print our products.

For a complete list of available book sizes, binding styles and technical information, see the Product Catalog.


by lisazmanning, 15 Oct 2019 (14:36 UTC)
I just received a large expensive book of 35mm photos shot in raw data. I could find no coupon so spent close to 200.00. I am very unhappy with the quality of the photos. The colors are not bright and most photos are dark. I used to do some developing myself, and it is as if the chemicals are old but I understand you do not process this way. I was ordering 6 more but unless you can make amendments, the one book cannot even be used as the one is. It is not representational of the vibrancy of color in the photos of the three weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia. Would you review my book and share thoughts?


by MJ, 24 Oct 2019 (19:17 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

Thanks so much for your message (:

I believe you also sent us an email and our support team has replied to your email with some follow-up questions to best assist. We look forward to hearing back from you and assisting from there.

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support

by kimberly Dellamonica, 16 May 2019 (21:09 UTC)


by MJ, 04 Jun 2019 (20:47 UTC)
Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for reaching out (:

In reviewing, it looks like this concern has been resolved, as you were able to make adjustments to your uploaded project to adjust those images.

If you need anything, please let us know via email to support@prestophoto.com

Warm Regards,

Iphoto book Size issue

by Sheena Smith, 13 Apr 2019 (15:10 UTC)
Your iphoto PDF printing feature is telling me that my file size is too big!? How can I make this work for printing? It's the extra large 10x 13' iphoto book 100 pages

Re: Iphoto book Size issue

by MJ, 16 Apr 2019 (20:43 UTC)
Hi Sheena,

To best assist, are you able to send us an email at support@prestophoto.com with an image/screenshot of this error you're seeing as well as information on what steps you've taken to export your file from Apple iPhoto?

Any information you can provide will help!

Warm Regards,

printing logo

by LAINA N STILWELL, 03 Feb 2019 (23:14 UTC)
I'm wondering what the logo looks like on the book. Not sure if I should eliminate it or not. Please send a pic

Re: printing logo

by MJ, 25 Feb 2019 (17:11 UTC)
Hi Laina,

Our logo can be viewed in your Layout Preview or Cover Preview. Additionally, an example can be found on our Professional Membership page here: https://www.prestophoto.com/help/Professional+Membership

If you have any additional questions, please email us at support@prestophoto.com

Warm Regards,


by jdtdandl, 31 Oct 2017 (00:25 UTC)
I have create a Extra-large Hardcover (13 x 10 in., 33 x 25 cm) photo book using Apeture. It includes a jacket and spine. Total pages with cover and jacket is 142. I know printing thru Apeture nothing would be cut off. Not sure how close with your printing I am allowed for text. I want best photo paper. Is this something you can print? What size would you print? Do you print jackets? Can someone look at pdf to verify noting will get cut off?

Thank you

Custom Cover 12 x12 to use with loose pages?

by Erica Watt, 07 Jul 2012 (19:15 UTC)
Do you offer custom printing for scrapbook covers with 3 ring binding to use with loose pages? We already have the pages created but are looking to get a custom printed scrapbook cover printed to finish the scrapbook.
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