Apple Photo Book Templates

Photo Book Templates compatible with Apple Photos, Aperture, and iPhoto

Oh no, Apple stopped printing photo books?! But.. I've been making an annual book every year and now what?!

For 14 years, we have been printing Apple Photo Books for Apple customers of family vacations, their baby books, year in review, etc, and we have seen customers come back year after year with a new edition of the same book and same design. We've put together a list of all of the Apple Templates made over the years as a reference sheet, and have listed all of the templates we have recreated, so you can keep the tradition going.

Have a request?

Please contact us if you do not see a template below available in the size or application you wish. We should be able to handle most requests very quickly.

L Landscape, S Square, P Portrait, A Album Spreads

Template Name Online Designer IconDesigner PrestoPhoto App LogoApp / Photos Pages LogoApp / Pages InDesign LogoInDesign Aperture LogoAperture Photos LogoPhotos iPhoto LogoiPhoto
Art Collection Template CoverArt Collection L L L   L    
Bento Box Template CoverBento Box     L S     L S  
Big Text Template CoverBig Text     L S     L S  
Big Picture Template CoverBig Picture     L S     L S  
Contemporary Template CoverContemporary L L L     L L
Folio Template CoverFolio L   L       L
Fromal Template CoverFormal L L L S P   L   L
Gallery Template CoverGallery L S L S L     L S  
Journal Template CoverJournal L L L S P   L L L
Line Border Template CoverLine Border L   L     L L
Modern Lines Template CoverModern Lines L L L S P   L L L
Monograph Template CoverMonograph     L S P     L S  
Picture Book Template CoverPicture Book L L L S P   L L S L
Photo Essay Template CoverPhoto Essay L L L S P A L L L L
Proof Book Template CoverProof Book L   L   L    
Portfolio Template CoverPortfolio L   L S     L S  
Showcase Template CoverShowcase     L S A L S A   L S  
Simple Border Template CoverSimple Border L S L S L       L
Simple Shots Template CoverSimple Shots L L L S P     L S  
Snapshots Template CoverSnapshots L L L   L   L
Special Occasion Template CoverSpecial Occasion L L L   L    
Square x Square Template CoverSquare x Square S S L S     L S  
Stock Book Template CoverStock Book L L L   L    
Stock Book Black Template CoverStock Book Black L   L   L    
Texture Border Template CoverTexture Border L   L       L
Travelogue Template CoverTravelogue     L S     L S  
Travel Shots Template CoverTravel Shots     L S     L S  
Asian Travel Template CoverAsian Travel             L
Crayon Template CoverCrayon             L
Family Album Template CoverFamily Album             L
Old World Travel Template CoverOld World Travel             L
Travel Template CoverTravel             L
Tropical Travel Template CoverTropical Travel             L
Watercolor Template CoverWatercolor     L       L