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12x12 Photo Book

Photo Books Worth A Thousand Words

Want to promote your small business? How about display your work in a neat portfolio? Our 12x12 Photo Books are just what you need to leave a lasting impression on future clients and employers. The possibilities are endless!


Imagewrap Photo Book
Imagewrap Photo Book
Die-Cut Photo Book
Die-Cut Photo Book
Pricing Starting at $29.99 Starting at $34.99
Description Our Imagewrap books are acid-free and built to impress with laminated covers that make colors pop and full-bleed images available on every page Our die-cut hardcover book has your cover image framed by window on the front. It is available in 3 different case materials in a variety of colors.
Pages 20 to 400 20 to 100
Final Dimensions 12"x12" 12"x12"
Upload Dimensions 12.25"x12.25"
3675 x 3675 px
3675 x 3675 px
Paper Type
Cover Imagewrap Material Wrap
Spine Yes No
Production Time Hard: 5-10 business days
Soft: 4-7 business days
5-10 business days
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by Lauren Williams, 24 Jan 2017 (02:29 UTC)
Are loose pages available?

Lay Flat Books

by Brenda, 23 Dec 2013 (16:52 UTC)
Hi Cheryl,

Our seamless Layflat book comes in 8 x 12 inches, which can be viewed here
Thank you for your great question!

PrestoPhoto Support

by cheryl creech, 22 Dec 2013 (03:31 UTC)
I have used Viovio many times in the past for books. Currently, I would like to print a "lay flat" book, that is not spiral binding. Do you offer "lay flat" pages in any of your book options besides the spiral binding?

by Rebecca Stewart, 02 Apr 2012 (13:41 UTC)
My "Create this Book' button doesn't work. How am I supposed to order prints?


by PrestoPhoto Support, 02 Apr 2012 (16:40 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

Thank you for the feedback, the link has been fixed!!

If you have any other questions please let us know and we'll do our best to help.

PrestoPhoto support

Re: Premium printing with die-cut cover?

by Tracy Creighton, 01 Oct 2011 (01:24 UTC)
You do! But the interior paper is listed as digital silk, and I'm interested in premium paper! Or do I misunderstand - is digital silk and premium the same thing? Sorry, I'm a bit confused and can't find any clarification in the help.... Thanks :)

Re: Premium printing with die-cut cover?

by PrestoPhoto Support, 03 Oct 2011 (17:33 UTC)
Hi, Tracey!

Unfortunately, the die-cut is not available with the premium printing. You can see which products are available with premium printing here:

PrestoPhoto Support

Premium printing with die-cut cover?

by Tracy Creighton, 29 Sep 2011 (00:57 UTC)
I am interested in premium printing with a die-cut cover at 12x12... is this possible? I only just realized it might not be, and I'm very sad...!

Re: Premium printing with die-cut cover?

by PrestoPhoto Support, 29 Sep 2011 (14:23 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

We're happy to let you know that we do offer 12x12 die-cut cover!

If you have any further questions let us know and we will do our best to help!

PrestoPhoto support

by laurie, 15 Sep 2011 (22:22 UTC)
Good day!

I have finally finished my book and it was so much fun creating with viovio.
The next step is to print and order it but I don't know howsad I would like the book size to be hardcover and 12 x 12. can you help me out please!
Thanks so much and I can't wait to start my next book project!!!

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