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6x9 Photo Book

A novel idea!

Photo Books Worth A Thousand Words

Referred to as a "trade paperback, our 6”x9” is a big hit for Self-Publishing in all forms. Whether you’re documenting your family history, writing a formal book, or anything else, this is just the size for you

Looking for a Landscape book? See our Portrait 9"x6"book. To avoid confusion, we specify all our books in WIDTH x HEIGHT.


Imagewrap Photo Book
Imagewrap Photo Book
Text Only Book
Text Only Book
Pricing Starting at $9.99 Starting at $6.59
Description Our Imagewrap books are acid-free and built to impress with laminated covers that make colors pop and full-bleed images available on every page Our Text-Only books are built to impress. Printed in black and white on the interior, and laminated full color covers sure make this product stand out against the rest!
Pages 20 to 400* 20 to 700*
Final Dimensions 6”x9” 6”x9”
Upload Dimensions 6.25"x9.25"
1950 x 2775 px
1950 x 2775 px
Paper Type
Cover Hardcover and Softcover Softcover
Spine Yes Yes
Production Time Hardcover: 5-10 business days
Softcover: 4-7 business days
Hardcover: 5-10 business days
Softcover: 4-7 business days
Create Now! Create Now!
* Page count restrictions dependent upon the specific product ordered. Contact Us for more information!


Paper Upgrade?

by mnepsund21, 04 Nov 2017 (19:30 UTC)
Is it possible to pay extra to use the Premium 150 paper for this size in a softcover instead of the Matte 120?


by Kelly Smith, 05 Dec 2010 (21:13 UTC)
Can I have this size book created with a hard cover? I like these dimensions and from reading it leads me to believe that I can make it a hard cover at checkout, but I'd like to know before I go through the trouble of laying out my book to this size (I am doing a custom layout and uploading PDFs). I would like to have a hard cover with an image embossed on the front.


Re: hardcover

by PrestoPhoto Support, 07 Dec 2010 (17:55 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto and thanks for your interest.

I'm sorry but this book only comes in softcover. Here's a link to our product catalog where you can check out our other sizes :)

have a great day!

PrestoPhoto support