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Steps on how to print a book from a PDF created with Canva's free design tool!

Design and Print your PDF from Canva

Canva PDF Printing Help

Setting up your Project In Canva

  1. Sign up or Log In to Canva to get started!
  2. Once an account is created, you’ll be asked “What Do You Do?”. This step helps to narrow down the types of templates you may want to work with! Find one that best represents you, or simply click “None of the above applies”.
  3. If you’re working on a team or company project, all of your team members can work in Canva together! You can invite them here. If this does not apply to you, simply click “Skip Inviting Team Members”
  4. Next, you’ll be shown a page titled “I want to create a…”. To design a book, select “More Design Types”Canva Homepage Screen
  5. You’ll then be taken to a new screen where you can review all of the projects you can design. For a book, scroll to “Documents” and select “US Letter”. Note: You can also set custom dimensions at the top right of the page! Please ensure you use dimensions compatible with the products we offer. Canva Project Options
  6. Hooray! You’re ready to start designing your project!

Designing and Editing your Project

Canva Project Edit Screen
  1. Once inside of your project, you’ll want to begin by naming it. To do this click the words “Untitled Design” in the top blue navigation bar to edit the name. Once entered, click “Done"
  2. When working in Canva, you work page by page, rather than as a whole document. Due to this, we suggest setting up your project with the following format:
    • First Page is the Front Cover
    • Second Page is the Back Cover
    • Third Page is the first page in your book Please Note: This page begins on the right of your open book, so do not begin any 2-page spreads on this page.
    • Fourth Page is the beginning of interior spreads. This means that this page is on the left hand side of your book when opened and page 5 will be to the right.
    • We have a minimum page requirement of 13 for most of our products. For more details on minimum and maximum requirements, see our help pages.
  3. Start Designing! You can select templates, background images and colors, etc. in Canva. For tips on how to design your book to ensure your content isn’t cropped off, check out the FAQ’s on this page.
Design Questions?

Please Contact Us with any questions you may have about designing in Canva!

Exporting your PDF

Once your design is complete, you’re ready to download your PDF!

  1. In the top blue navigation bar, select “Download”
  2. Ensure the following selections are made:
    • File Type: PDF - Print (recommended)
    • Toggle the “All Pages” option.
    • De-select the “Crop Marks and Bleed” option.
  3. Click “Download” and you’re finished!

Canva FAQs

Within Canva’s design tool, you can toggle their “Grids”. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Hold COMMAND + double click ;
  • To turn these off, hold COMMAND + single click ;

Note: We suggest not placing any content outside of the first grey grid line on either side. Keep in mind the spacing on the top and bottom of your pages should also follow these measurements.

Typically this means that the program needs to be refreshed! You’ll want to perform a hard refresh on that browser window. You can do so by following the steps below:

  • On a Mac: Hold SHIFT + Cmd (⌘) + R or Hold SHIFT and click the refresh button in your browser
  • On a PC: Hold CTRL + F5 or Hold CTRL and click the refresh button in your browser



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