Card Cropping and Bleed Guide

7x5 Cards

7x5 Cards

When creating your 7x5 card it's important to understand trim as a standard part of printing, and how to account for that trim.

There is an automatic trim that occurs during all card manufacturing.

Due to this trim approximately 1/8" of all 4 sides of each portion of the card will be guaranteed to be trimmed in order to accomplish production.

Due to the potential for shifting with digital printing, we do NOT guarantee any content that is within a full .25” from each side!, and call this .25” the "Caution Area."

Since it is only 1/8” that is guaranteed to be trimmed, and the additional 1/8” is established for the potential trim that possibly can occur with shifting during printing (1/8”+1/8” = .25”), then we do not guarantee any content that falls underneath the Red Crop Guide (.25”) TO BE trimmed, or NOT TO BE trimmed.

This is very important as you consider laying out your card, allowing for borders, text placement, etc.

We suggest that all backgrounds be extended to the very edge while all vital content be kept within .25" of the edge of each side. This will prevent vital content being trimmed, as well as prevent any unwanted or uneven border to remain after production is complete.

To help give you a visual we have created a crop-guide that is available at the Layout Preview, and Step 1 of the Designer. It is a Red guide representing the caution area and it covers .25” of each of the edges of the page.

Here is an example - note anything that falls underneath the Red guide is subject to be trimmed during production, but not guaranteed to be trimmed:

Crops and Bleeds Guide