Photo Paper Types

We offer a wide selection of paper options.

Our paper selections are sure to suit your needs! Whether you're looking for a specific feature, the best price, or just aren't sure what you want, we can help you find what you're searching for. Our papers do have one thing in common: they're all acid-free!

While text is all well and good, we offer you an inexpensive and helpful way to decide: physical samples! Simply order our free Sample Kit to see all of our papers in action.

Pearl Paper 300

300 GSM This is a glamorous option for the greeting cards and loose pages crowd! There is luminosity to the paper that brings out all of the rich colors and shadows of the imagery. If you want a vibrant shimmer and shine on heavy paper, this is the one to choose.

Semi-Gloss 300

300 GSM The same weight as our Pearl option, it is sleek and has a more subtle shine. It's available for calendars, greeting cards and loose pages only, though it'll make those calendars and thoughtful notes shine (just a little less than the Pearl).

Matte 300

300 GSM Perfect for the artist and architect – bring your designs to life. Our Matte 300 is wonderful for loose pages used in portfolios and greeting cards to showcase your work whether it be for a gallery showing or for your family. There is no shine, but it shows off those details like no other.

Lustre 200

190 GSM Have an album or want to make your book really stand out? For the truest color reproduction, heaviest weight available in books, and a paper perfect for albums, choose Lustre 200. It is brilliantly shiny and our favorite paper for preserving memories!

Premium 150

146 GSM Our Premium 150 is a classic choice and among our most popular papers. Lighter and less expensive than our Lustre 200, this paper has a slight gloss, great color reproduction, and is heavier than our standard Silk 120. Still an A+ option for both albums and books, we don't think you'll go wrong with this paper!

Silk 120

118 GSM This paper is the thinnest we offer, similar to the pages of a magazine. It is our most affordable option and your images will have a softer quality to them, though it's certainly a great option if you're on a budget and still want outstanding printed pages! It's also the only paper available for mini books.

Economy 120

118 GSM This paper is comparable to the silk and is just as thin, but offers a flatter image that is ideal for those that are the most cost conscious. Print and paper quality can vary based on order. The goal of this product is to make a book as affordable as possible, but it will not have the consistency of other paper. We definitely recommend ordering a proof copy to make sure you like the outcome compared to our other budget-conscious options. This is the paper previously known as Express Satin.

Semi-Gloss 220

Unique to the 14x11 Portfolio Photo Book, this product uses a true coated paper, and has a higher sheen. You may or may not like, but this will depend on your personal preference, of course! This product is most popular with architects, artwork, and similar presentations.