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Product Sample Kit
Our Sample Kit includes printed samples from the same production line where all products are produced. It includes two images - a subject photo and a color wheel - printed on each of our 5 primary papers. For more information, see our book binding specifications. Limit one kit per customer, please.

Lustre Paper Icon Lustre 260

260 GSM For the truest color reproduction, choose this paper. It is brilliantly shiny and all the little details will be there. This is our favorite paper.

*Please Note: Lustre 260 is used for our Unbound Products (i.e. Art Prints and Cards). Our Book Products are produced with Lustre 200. The Lustre 200 is slightly thinner to improve binding integrity!*

Semi-Gloss Paper Icon Semi-Gloss 300

300 GSM Slightly heavier than our Lustre option, it is sleek and has a more subtle shine.

Matte Paper Icon Matte 300

300 GSM For the artist and architect - bring your designs to life. This paper has no shine and really shows off detail.

Premium Paper Icon Premium 150

146 GSM A classic choice, this paper is lightweight with a slight gloss.

Silk Paper Icon Silk 120

118 GSM This paper is the thinnest we offer, similar to the pages of a magazine. This is our most affordable option and your images will have a softer quality to them. This is the perfect paper if you have a budget and still want outstanding printed pages!