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Photo Books

How do I start making my book?
Do you do Apple Photo Book Printing ? How about Apple Aperture Printing?
I just want some Photo Books.
How do I use the Online Book Designer?
Do you offer any templates for your books?
Do you offer loose pages, photo cards and photo calendars?
How can I Contact PrestoPhoto?
Can I read some of your customer reviews?
Is PrestoPhoto on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest?

Covers and Binding

What Photo Paper Types do you offer?
What book sizes do you offer?
Do you offer Book Binding and Covers?
Do you offer any cover templates or examples?

Images and Galleries

How can I edit my photo galleries?
How can I secure my photos from the public?
What do I need to know about Uploading photos?
How can I tell if my image resolution is high enough?
How do I create Social Media Photo Books?


Can I create and sell my own Creating Book Designer Templates?
How can I increase my Tips for selling templates?
Where can I find yearbook, wedding, baby book, or scrapbooking templates?
Do you offer any free templates?


Is it easy to upload a PDF?
What should I use to create my PDF?
Do you have any formatting and optimization specs for PDFs?
Tips on Cropping And Bleed
Can I upload a PDF that I created from iPhoto or Aperture, Adobe InDesign and PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office - Publisher, PowerPoint, and Word?


What is the difference between CMYK & RGB?
Can I match my color?
What if have black & white photos?


What will my book cost?
How will my book Printing Specifications?
What Ship Options and Delivery Times do you offer?
What is your Return Policy?
What is your Holiday Shipping Schedule?

Selling my books

Can I sell my books?
How do I make my book available for sale?
Do I really need an ISBN FAQ?
Can I remove Presto's logo from the books I purchase with you permanently?

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Reproduce old scrapbooks

by alliehop, 05 Jan 2017 (14:05 UTC)
I want to reproduce my scrapbooks that are in 3 ring binders 8.5x11. I am scanning in the pages and bringing the image into the new photo book but it looks like the image will be cropped and I will lose some of my image. How do I shrink my image to fit within the borders? I don't care if there is a white border around the edge.

Flip preview

by Keer Weekes, 21 Dec 2016 (00:01 UTC)
Flip review is not showing some updated pages on my latest project.
It's also showing pages with a tiled effect on my older projects done years ago.

Re: Flip preview

by zverina, 21 Dec 2016 (21:12 UTC)
I am having the same problem with flip preview. I duplicated a book, made some changes to it. 5 of the 6 changes show correctly in new version "flip preview" but there is one (page 21/48 of ID: 236265) which stubbornly refuses to update after several attempts. When I go to "layout preview" or edit mode the correct (updated) image is there. So I have no idea how book will turn out when printed.


by Christen Rintamaki, 20 Dec 2016 (04:26 UTC)
Hello, I don't understand how to get around the red area cropping. I have a cookbook designed at exactly 6" x 9" (the pdf file is exactly these dimensions). I chose that file size from your available size list. Your preview generator gizmo showed my cookbook with a significant portion of the book hacked off on all sides in the "red box". How big do I need to design the file to so that I don't lose anything to cropping? I will just add enough white space around the whole file. At the end of the day I want a 6"x9" cookbook though...and I don't want any white space on the edges. If you can't do this, please let me know. Thanks =] Project ID: 236196

by lukesview, 12 Oct 2016 (04:33 UTC)
i c' an't get text to work. I'm at the point of publishing but will not until text works. Darrel


by Shantelle, 14 Dec 2016 (19:13 UTC)
Hi Darrel! In order to provide more information on this we would need the six digit Product ID that your project has, generally found in the address bar when editing your book or after clicking Buy Now". Once you have that, send us an email with the information to and we can investigate further. :)

Have a great day!

Darkroom Gallery

by info375, 29 Sep 2016 (00:18 UTC)
Why in the heck do you make it so hard to find and order a specific book? If I, a creator of about one new title a month, can't find a book you made for me two months ago to order it for a customer, how can I expect my customers to be able find and order the book they want on their own? Timothy Gottshall, Gallery Manager, Darkroom Gallery,,

PowerPoint for mac2011

by Richard, 05 May 2016 (14:46 UTC)
I've recently got a new Macbook and have been making a photobook in PowerPoint, which is PowerPoint for Mac 2011. I have saved my file as a pdf via the PowerPoint "Save As" menu, can I not upload this?
On the website it says this version of "powerPoint is not eligible"??

Re: PowerPoint for mac2011

by connie, 10 May 2016 (12:41 UTC)
Oh my, PowerPoint can be hard in that the PDF may not save out at 300 dpi which will result in blurry / fuzzy images in your book. Please do check out our page for PowerPoint,+PowerPoint,+and+Word and honestly, exporting the slides to .jpgs at 300 dpi is a great option. You can put all the .jpgs in a folder on your desktop and drag that folder to your PrestoPhoto account — easy :)

Deleting pages

by Christina Palesh, 30 Apr 2016 (05:17 UTC)
My PDF is set up to allow for a book jacket. How can I delete pages for a book that doesn't have one?
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