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Photo Books

How do I start making my book?
Do you do Apple Photo Book Printing ? How about Apple Aperture Printing?
I just want some Photo Books.
How do I use the Online Book Designer?
Do you offer any templates for your books?
Do you offer loose pages, photo cards and photo calendars?
How can I Contact PrestoPhoto?
Can I read some of your customer reviews?
Is PrestoPhoto on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest?

Covers and Binding

What Photo Paper Types do you offer?
What book sizes do you offer?
Do you offer Book Binding and Covers?
Do you offer any cover templates or examples?

Images and Galleries

How can I edit my photo galleries?
How can I secure my photos from the public?
What do I need to know about Uploading photos?
How can I tell if my image resolution is high enough?
How do I create Social Media Photo Books?


Can I create and sell my own Creating Book Designer Templates?
How can I increase my Tips for selling templates?
Where can I find yearbook, wedding, baby book, or scrapbooking templates?
Do you offer any free templates?


Is it easy to upload a PDF?
What should I use to create my PDF?
Do you have any formatting and optimization specs for PDFs?
Tips on Cropping And Bleed
Can I upload a PDF that I created from iPhoto or Aperture, Adobe InDesign and PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Office - Publisher, PowerPoint, and Word?


What is the difference between CMYK & RGB?
Can I match my color?
What if have black & white photos?


What will my book cost?
How will my book Printing Specifications?
What Ship Options and Delivery Times do you offer?
What is your Return Policy?
What is your Holiday Shipping Schedule?

Selling my books

Can I sell my books?
How do I make my book available for sale?
Do I really need an ISBN FAQ?
Can I remove Presto's logo from the books I purchase with you permanently?

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Free Templates

by madfan, 21 May 2017 (14:42 UTC)
How can I remove the yellow & red border?

Uploading page-size jpegs instead of PDFs

by dgraffox, 15 May 2017 (23:14 UTC)
I have created 11 x 8.5" jpegs, one for each page of my book (11.5 X 9" with cropmarks for those pages that will have bleeds) instead of PDFs. May I upload these, in a single zip file, using the "Upload PDFs" function? Additionally, I have a jpeg of the cover. If a jpeg is acceptable, should that be uploaded separately, or zipped with the book pages?

Thanks for your guidance, Deborah

spine label

by Erin, 30 Mar 2017 (18:25 UTC)
Hi, I can't add a label to the spine of the book I've designed by clicking spine text after clicking layers when looking at the front cover. Any advice?

Re: spine label

by MJ, 04 Apr 2017 (18:54 UTC)
Hi Erin!

To add spine text within the Book Designer you must first click on the front cover. In the top right corner, you will need to select the "Cover" button. This should take you to your cover preview. Underneath that preview you will see spaces where you can enter in your spine text!

I hope this helps (:

Size available

by julie Foncy, 19 Mar 2017 (16:36 UTC)

I uploaded a pdf made with Iphoto. The upload works well but in the end the maximum size I can purchase is 9" x 6" and I would like to have 11x8,5. How can I do ? Thanks for your help

Re: Size available

by MJ, 23 Mar 2017 (18:54 UTC)
Hi Julie!

Thanks so much for your question (:

I've taken a look at your project and it appears that the file you have uploaded is sized at 11.69"x8.26". The reason you are not seeing the 11x8.5 product option available is because the dimensions are not proportionate to the file that was uploaded.

You may need to save your file out at the desired size and then re-upload into your project!

Let me know if you need any additional help (:


by mielkele, 01 Feb 2017 (00:40 UTC)
Where can I find text instructions? This site may be over my head as I use Shutterfly most often. I found everything I needed except text instructions.

Reproduce old scrapbooks

by alliehop, 05 Jan 2017 (14:05 UTC)
I want to reproduce my scrapbooks that are in 3 ring binders 8.5x11. I am scanning in the pages and bringing the image into the new photo book but it looks like the image will be cropped and I will lose some of my image. How do I shrink my image to fit within the borders? I don't care if there is a white border around the edge.

Re: Reproduce old scrapbooks

by Shantelle, 23 Jan 2017 (19:52 UTC)
Hi there! If you're using our Book Designer it's actually a simple process to help with those images! Click on the Template button when you're within the project, select Styled Photo Book Set (shown in the right sidebar, you may have to scroll a bit), and then choose one of the templates that have a border. Often the best option is our Auto-Fit Template, which will automatically format your image to fit the page without losing content. :)

I hope this helps but please let us know if you have any other questions at!

Flip preview

by Keer Weekes, 21 Dec 2016 (00:01 UTC)
Flip review is not showing some updated pages on my latest project.
It's also showing pages with a tiled effect on my older projects done years ago.
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