Baby Book/Family Photo Book Templates

ADOPTION LOVE: An Adoption Storybook

By Spaces for Faces $5.00
The Adoption Love book is a beautiful way to help teach your child about his/her adoption. This book makes a great gift for birth parents and birth family members, too! It is a combination adoption storybook and adoption baby book. The Adoption Love Storybook has A LOT of templates. You will find three sections. One section has titles and story text already filled in for you. All you need to do is add your personal information. The second section includes the pages with titles only so...
1 intro.png 2.png 3.png all about mom.png all about dad.png things in common.png
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My Boy

By Stacey $3.00
I hope you enjoy these fun pages with warm colors to display your pictures. Add your own titles and journaling or use them as is. You can also rearrange the templates and use them more than once.
My Boy 1d #1 My Boy 6d #1 My Boy 5d #1 My Boy 8d #1 My Boy 7d #1 My Boy 3d #1
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crochet simple

By judy $2.00
From the old to the new a wonderful way to show off your photos. A lovely crochet design.
1.png 4.png 5.png 3.png 2.png 6.png

GIRLS THEME: *Love Is You!*

By Juls~ $5.00
PAPIER CREATIF Studio Scrapbook*Works __LOVE IS YOU__ Digital Scrapbook PhotoBook / 20-Page Album Create this special PhotoBook for your little girl, niece, sister or Grandchildren as a gift! Also great for Tweens! Sweet & charming, this high quality PhotoBook is thoughtfully designed with beautiful colors, pretty floral and harlequin backgrounds, and cheery embellishments that say "LOVE IS YOU!" BLOG: PU/S4H OK CU...
PC-Romantique-BACKCOVER-PNG.png PC-Romantique-FRONTCOVER-PNG.png PC-AW-Romantique-Pg01-PNG.png PC-AW-Romantique-Pg02-PNG.png PC-AW-Romantique-Pg03-PNG.png PC-AW-Romantique-Pg04-PNG.png
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