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Big Orders Equal Big Savings

So, what exactly is considered a bulk order, you ask?

A bulk order is typically considered any order of 25 copies or more of an identical book. Here at PrestoPhoto, we do things a little bit different. Our Bulk Discounts start from as little as 5 copies! This allows our customers the ultimate freedom to design and buy as they choose, while still reaping the benefits of ordering in bulk.


We strongly suggest proofing all bulk orders!

Proofing your order will give you the opportunity to review your interior pages margins, image quality, spelling, pdf results, front and back cover margins, spine, etc, before committing to the whole of the order. Once you have reviewed the proof you will have the option to make changes to the project if you desire. This will ensure you know exactly what you will receive when production is completed.

To help make sure our customers are satisfied with their large orders, we make it simple to get a proof! Any order that is over 15 copies (or $500), you are eligible for a physical proof copy. Simply write in an order comment that you would like for us to send 1 copy ahead of your order as a proof before proceeding with the remaining copies.

Manufacturing Times

Our standard manufacturing times are estimated for orders under 25 copies. While our manufacturing times typically remain unchanged with larger orders, orders over 25 copies can increase manufacturing times.

  • Manufacturing times for Hardcovers take around 5 business days for production.
  • Manufacturing times for Softcovers take around 4 business days for production.

All manufacturing times precede shipping. You can find information regarding shipping methods and estimates on our Shipping Options page.

Automatic Bulk Discounts

Now the important part, the discount!

Our discounts are automatically calculated on our Product Catalog as well as when you place your products in your cart, so there’s no need to jump through any hoops for any extra discount codes. The Product Catalog provides our customers with our Quick Quote Tool, and easy to use product estimate tool. Just enter your page count, desired quantity, and there you go, your estimated cost including a bulk discount up to 1,000 copies!

Bulk Discount on Photo Books

Bulk Discounts

Save big with Bulk Orders. Discounts start at just 5 copies!

Quantity Discount
5-9 5%
10-99 10%
100-499 15%
500+ Contact Us

Bulk Discounts only apply when ordering multiple copies of the same book shipped to the same location. For example, if you order 5 books, but two of them are hardcover and three are softcover, even if they are technically the same book with different binding options, they do not count for bulk discounts. As well, if you order 5 copies of a photo book of the same binding type, but they are each customized with different type or pictures in parts of the book, they also do not count for bulk discounts, as each book has to be custom printed.