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Bulk Orders

Information for Placing Bulk Orders

Manufacturing Time

Manufacturing time for Hardcover books is between 5-10 business days (for orders of 25 books or less) Manufacturing time for Softcover books is between 4-7 business days (for orders of 25 books or less) Manufacturing time precedes Shipping on all orders

Orders of over 25 books can increase this manufacturing time. Orders of over 25 books are not eligible for Expedite Service. If you have questions in regards to the estimated manufacturing time of a project please contact


We strongly suggest proofing all bulk orders

You can order a single copy of your project as a proof prior to placing the bulk order. Or you can request in the order notes available for you during check-out, that you "want to receive a single copy of the order to be sent initially as a proof."

Proofing your order will give you the opportunity to review your interior pages margins, image quality, spelling, pdf results, front and back cover margins, spine, etc, before committing to the whole of the order.

Once you have reviewed the proof you will have the option to make changes to the project if you desire. This will ensure you know exactly what you will receive when production is completed!

Please note that if a proof is waved we will not be able to print re-orders due to concerns with the file (ex: a spelling mistake, cover content trimmed or folded that's under the crop-guides, interior pages content trimmed that is under crop guides, low resolution, poor image quality, unsatisfactory pdf results due to software - see:, etc, which is why a proof is so highly recommended.


Proofing the order will require the proof's manufacturing time preceding the shipping method you select. For specific questions or concerns regarding time please email


PrestoPhoto offers an excellent Bulk Discount! You can view it at our Product Catalog

We have created a Quick Book Quote that is available to you on this page. This automatically calculates the bulk discount into the the price quote!

All you will need to do is enter in the amount of pages that are in your project, as well as the number of copies of the project you will order.

Then look below, select the appropriate green ratio tab for the product you need, find the binding type and paper type combination that are interested in, and the price quote will be located there for you on the right.

This is a great tool because it allows you to try different combinations in order to find the product and price that best fits your needs!

(Note the price - per page will not show a change - to find the amount saved you will need to divide bulk price total that is given to you by the amount of copies you are ordering. Then compare that to the cost of a single book.)

Bulk Pricing

Quantity Discount Example
1-4 0% $9.99
5-9 5% $9.49
10-99 10% $8.99
100-499 15% $8.49
500-999 20% $7.99
1000+ Contact Us