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A Decision This Hard Was Never So Easy.

Our Hardbacks are a simple $10 purchase time upgrade to your existing books. Creating hard cover books is as simple as checking out. It is that easy.

When you need to make a sophisticated and lasting impression, nothing compares to hardcover. And when it comes to hardcover books, nothing compares to ours. We give you professional quality at a price the competition can't beat.

See Yourself in Hardcover

For wedding photographers who need to assemble stunning albums that will be treasured for generations, for documentary photographers who want to create impressive books worthy of the coffee table, or for family historians who make heirlooms, our hardcover books are built to last, beautifully and elegantly.

A Work of Art for Your Works of Art

The best photos (yours, naturally) deserve the best printing. Using our state-of-the-art high resolution industrial class digital presses from Xerox, we print your images on top-quality acid-free paper to ensure your colors come to life and stay that way.

Glossy full-bleed case-bound covers allow you to wrap your images right over the edge — or even go beyond it, stretching your image clear across to the back cover for maximum impact.

Easy as One, Two, Three

Creating a book is easy. Simply create a photo gallery with the pictures you want to use, use the Designer to lay out your book, and then add your finished book to your shopping cart. Or you can create your layout using your favorite desktop publishing or graphics program, and upload your PDF file.

Easy on the Eyes, Easy on the Wallet

A gorgeous, professional-quality, imagewrap hardcover book doesn't have to cost a fortune. It's free to register and start building your photo book, and our book prices are the best in the industry, starting at $14.99 plus $.30 per page, with no hidden fees.

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hardcover portfolio book?

by Jori, 26 May 2011 (00:19 UTC)
can i make a hardcover 14x11 portfolio book or do those only come with a spiral binding?

Re: hardcover portfolio book?

by PrestoPhoto Support, 27 May 2011 (14:23 UTC)
Greetings Jori and thanks for your question!

Unfortunately right now we only offer that size in softcover.

-PrestoPhoto Support

leather bound

by sarah, 06 Aug 2010 (17:51 UTC)
I was looking for a leather-bound book option. I read a review (http://photo-book-review.toptenreviews.com/) that indicated you offered this, but I'm guessing it was incorrect?

Re: leather bound

by PrestoPhoto Support, 08 Aug 2010 (20:58 UTC)
We offer material covered hardcover books. here is a link to the cover material options

A4 hardcovers

by Oliver Lee Arce, 16 Apr 2010 (07:14 UTC)
Hello, I'm looking for something similar to a A4 hardcover book... I'm working on a graphic novel and it needs to be close to that size. Anyway, what size is the book pictured above (Jonathan Fong book). It looks like an A4 book.


Re: A4 hardcovers

by Christian Fowler, 17 Apr 2010 (20:21 UTC)
Hi Oliver,

The book above is an 8.5"x11" US Letter size. I'm afraid we only have A4 available in softcover right now.

linen cover book

by Geraldine Cox, 20 Feb 2010 (19:50 UTC)
Hi VV,

I would like to make an A5 portrait book of my paintings with text (around 34 pages). I would like a pink linen hardback cover with either white or gold embossed text.

Please can you tell me if you can provide any or all of these options?

Thank you.


Re: linen cover book

by connie, 22 Feb 2010 (16:06 UTC)
Geraldine, greetings and thanks for the interest. We offer the A4 as a softcover only. We do offer material covered books. You can see all the options we offer on this catalog page

Linen Cover with a debossed photo

by , 16 Feb 2010 (03:41 UTC)

I would like to make a 8.5" x 8.5" photo book with a linen cover / case and a debossed photo on the cover. You have a few examples of this type but I can't seem to find it on your site. Also, can I make this style in landscape with a size like 6" x 8.5"?


Re: Linen Cover with a debossed photo

by PrestoPhoto Support, 16 Feb 2010 (18:48 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto and thanks for your interest.

We offer the 10x10 hardback which the cover image doesn't cover the entire front cover area. There is a smaller image on the front of the book that is the cover image. Here is a link to the page that lists 10x10 books

If you have anymore questions please let us know!

PrestoPhoto support
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