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Let your imagination run wild with the fully customizable cover!

Imagewrap Hard and Soft Cover Books

You've poured your creative soul into getting your 8.5"x8.5" digital layouts just right, now it's time to experience the thrill of seeing them in print in your very own timeless hardcover book! When you need to create a professional photo book that stands out and shows your creativity on every page, Square Books are the answer. We deliver outstanding quality at a price the others can't match.

8.5"x8.5" Available Product Types

For a timeless look and impeccable presentation, our 8.5x8.5" books are offered in Imagewrap Hardcover and Softcover!


Hard & Soft Cover

Imagewrap Photo Books
(Hard & Softcover)

Our Imagewrap books are acid-free and built to impress with laminated covers that make colors pop and full-bleed images available on every page.

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8.5x8.5 Bound Photo Book Specifications
Product FamilySquare Photo Books
Min/Max Pages: 20 to 400*
Final Dimensions8.5"x8.5" (216x216mm)
PDF Upload Dimensions8.75"x8.75" (222x222mm)
SpineImagewrap, Text available depending on size of book, Matte Lamination available by request
Production TimeHardcovers: 5-10 business days, Softcovers: 4-7 business days
*For best results, the page count should be less than 300. Binding may not hold up well for books with 300 pages or more.


by Ruben, 15 Apr 2013 (20:48 UTC)
Hi, when choosing ImageWrap, how can you calculate the Cover/Back size? (I'd like to create my own photobook) Since this is my first book I am designing, do you have any tips I should pay attention to? 300 dpi, CMYK, 3mm margins in every corner. What else?

If you could send me a e-mail as well to ruben@rubencress.com that would be great.

Thanks in advance,



by connie, 10 May 2016 (12:52 UTC)
Hi Ruben, Yes 300 dpi is great and will ensure your images look great as a printed image. Here is a link to our page on covers https://www.prestophoto.com/help/Book+Cover+Specifications Check out that page and if you have any questions please send a note to support

by Leah Riddell, 06 Jun 2012 (00:07 UTC)
The link above is broken, I'm unable to Create This Book.


by PrestoPhoto Support, 06 Jun 2012 (16:52 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto, thank you for your feedback!

The links have been fixed!

Please let us know if you have any other questions and we'll do our best to help!

PrestoPhoto support

by naomi, 27 May 2012 (23:27 UTC)


by PrestoPhoto Support, 29 May 2012 (15:27 UTC)
Hello Naomi!

If you have any questions let us know!! Here or support@prestophoto.com

PrestoPhoto support

Is 160 the max?

by Sarah, 09 Feb 2012 (04:16 UTC)
I see with pro-binding, you can do slightly bigger books. Is 160 pages the max? (for an 8.5 square hardcover book)

Re: Is 160 the max?

by PrestoPhoto Support, 09 Feb 2012 (16:13 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

We offer 4 binding types - Perfect (softcover), Imagewrap (hardcover), Wire-O, and Saddle-Stitch. You can read more about them here: http://www.prestophoto.com/wiki/Understanding+Book+Binding

For the 8.5x8.5 the page count that is available to you is anywhere between 24-440 pages.

If you have any other questions please let us know!

PrestoPhoto support

Uploading PDF file

by Cameron Smith, 11 Oct 2011 (02:11 UTC)
I designed my 8.5x8.5 interior pages as 17x8.5 pages. I saved a Hi-Res PDF and uploaded. When previewing the interior pages that I uploaded, the full spreads (2 sides) are as one page. Is there a way to upload PDF's in a full spread ratio where I do not have to split the pages before creating my PDF file?


Re: Uploading PDF file

by PrestoPhoto Support, 11 Oct 2011 (14:32 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto, thank you for your email!

Our system does not allow for any full spread layout uploads. We do however have a great screencast on how to create a 2 page spread: http://www.youtube.com/user/awesomephotobooks?feature=mhee#p/u/3/OFfOzq1_OeE

If you have any further questions please let us know!

PrestoPhoto support
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