Layflat Photo Books

Layflat Photo Books

About Our Layflat Photo Books

Our Layflat Hardcovers allow your books to reach their full potential. We offer 2 different Layflat variations, our Hinged Layflats and our Seamless Layflats. Create beautiful 2-page spreads that flow across the pages without worrying about losing anything in the gutter!

HingedMultiple Sizes!

Hinged Layflat Photo Books

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SeamlessMultiple Sizes!

Seamless Layflat Photo Books

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Regular Book Spine


The photo book standard.

Our standard binding is reliable and sturdy, however it is not ideal for projects that utilize 2-page spreads. Content intended to spread over two pages can be lost in the gutter (ie. center) of the book.

Hinged Layflat Spine

Hinged Layflat

A happy mixture of quality and cost friendly!

Our Hinged products offer a wonderful and affordable Layflat option to our customers. Images spread across 2 pages with a slight "gap" in the middle, however there is no loss of image.

Seamless Layflat Spine

Seamless Layflat

The professionals favorite!

Seamless layflats are sleek and the ideal product for customers working heavily with 2-page spreads. These products are a bit more pricey, however they provide a "seamless" spread that professionals love!


Confused about the horizontal PDF dimensions

by Kris Doman, 09 Sep 2014 (05:02 UTC)

Colr and Page Order Pt2

by chris zweifel, 19 Feb 2013 (16:41 UTC)


Forgot to mention that the image colors look fine in the Gallery view...its just in the Designer that they look red.

Color and page order

by chris zweifel, 19 Feb 2013 (16:18 UTC)

First time user here.
I am creating a 30 page book.

Am I correct in assuming that page 1 is the the leading/introductory page for this book version also? (Turn the first page and page 2 and 3 are a spread?)
Page 30 would be the last/credits page?

The instructions below are a bit confusing.

15) Prepare pages for the left and right facing pages. With every book on PrestoPhoto, page 1 will be a right facing page, with the exception of the Seamless Layflat. If you are creating the book with the intention of the pagination flowing as spreads, then make sure you create page 1 as a leading page or an introduction page - begin pages that will flow as spreads at page 2.

Another concern I have is that when I drop a Photoshop sRGB jpeg file into the Book Designer the color momentarily looks great and then morphs into a slightly red looking final version.

Have read all of the "Color Info" on your site and understand it well.
I am working on a calibrated workstation and get predictable results with other printers.

My subject matter is all people so red skin tones would not be good.


iPhoto book

by Igor, 19 Jan 2013 (23:03 UTC)
Is this option available for iPhoto books?

by Chris Walker, 07 Dec 2012 (18:15 UTC)
Has this page amount changed? I thought you allowed up to 40 pages or 20 spread pages.

Also I am unable to find if the dimensions for layout are different for the hard cover. Do I use the same spread layout of 17.25 x 12.5 ins?


by PrestoPhoto Support, 10 Dec 2012 (13:52 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

The Seamless Layflat min page count is 10 and max is 30. Each side of a sheet of paper is considered a page, so each "sheet" of paper consists of 2 pages. The page max is 30 due to the fact that the pages are all double-thick!

The thickness offers the incredible durability as well as luxurious printing. It does however limit the page count of the project in order to ensure the integrity of the binding stay in tact!

Yes you would use the same dimensions for a full-wrap cover as the interior dimensions of the project.

PrestoPhoto support

Squares are better!

by Ryan Holland, 06 Dec 2012 (13:54 UTC)
Please add a square option for the seamless lay-flat book!

Re: Squares are better!

by Amanda, 06 Dec 2012 (17:26 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

We are constantly increasing our Product Catalog and will keep this in mind as a new requested product option!

PrestoPhoto support

by Wendy, 28 Nov 2012 (20:42 UTC)
I noticed in the description that the page count for the lay flat book is 10-30. Is 30 the maximum or can we go higher? My yearly journals can be as high as 85-95 pages. Thank you.


by PrestoPhoto Support, 29 Nov 2012 (14:06 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

The Seamless Layflats page count max's out at 30 pages. We do offer other products in our Product Catalog that have a higher page count for the projects that require them. You can view our entire Product Catalog here: http://www.prestophoto.com/wiki/Catalog Page counts are specified on each product page and can be opened by simply clicking on that products title!

PrestoPhoto support
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