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This is the place to be. We are passionate about our customers so we set up several ways to contact PrestoPhoto. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, so if you have any questions please drop us a note. You will find that we treat all customers with sincerity, respect and dignity.

The goal for each employee reflects that of the company: do the best job possible and provide the customer with a product they will be proud to own. Long term relationships are a reality at PrestoPhoto, Inc.; we hope to enjoy one with you.

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Phone: (919) 827-1932 Please submit any questions or general feedback by live chat or email first. We recommend leaving your email in any voicemail messages, as that is the easiest way for us to contact you.

Support Address: 14 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh NC 27603. Made with love in Raleigh, North Carolina

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PrestoPhoto, Inc. has operation facilities in in North Carolina. We have product manufacturing and fulfillment hubs around the country.


Wall Art Landscape 24X12 crops panoramic photos too much

by Carrie Heath, 03 Feb 2018 (21:29 UTC)
Will Presto Photo consider offering longer dimensions or custom sized wall art prints for panoramic landscapes please? The longest length to height ratio is the 24x12 but it still crops too much off the sides of the photos and there is no way to reposition them to include more subject matter to one side or the other in the ordering template. If there was a way for presto photo to automatically size the canvas (or acrylic or metal) frames to the uploaded file and offer custom sizes based on the aspect ratio, then I would spend WAY more money on this site. It's too bad that well-priced printing companies auto-crop and not use templates that make sense for the various of aspect ratios in digital photography. If someone takes a photo of a beautiful landscape, why would it be ok to crop the edges?

Live Chat?

by Esther, 17 Jan 2018 (15:34 UTC)
There is no link to Live Chat. I need help finding my order that has supposedly been "returned to sender" :( :( :(

Where's my photobook that I ordered on December 5th????

by Sandra Seidensticker, 22 Dec 2017 (14:08 UTC)
You are a terrible company. It's impossible to contact you with a live person in any way. I want an explanation about why when I ordered a book on December 5th and it was supposed to be here by the 15th it's now not going to be here until the 27th??? You have ruined my Christmas and the gift for my granddaughter. Invoice #106427.


by Matt Zemon, 20 Nov 2017 (16:18 UTC)
Is LiveChat off today?

Re: LiveChat

by Stephanie, 02 Jan 2018 (21:37 UTC)
HI, i already made my photobook 14x11 as a PDF file, but i'm not sure if it could be printed properly.

1. what is the biggest book you have have?
2. what's the edge/boarder of the page?
3. can i print it as a flat page too?
4. how much pages I can print?
5. where I can find instructions to make my book?

Re: LiveChat

by Sandra Seidensticker, 21 Dec 2017 (22:34 UTC)
I ordered a book on December 5TH!!!! Where the hell is it?? order #1064267
You re a terrible company what a joke. I want my money back. I will dispute my credit card charge

Re: LiveChat

by jeanmanthei792, 27 Nov 2017 (04:32 UTC)
I'm trying to purchase the book I just created.

Re: LiveChat

by Michael Gordon, 20 Nov 2017 (18:43 UTC)
I'm trying to finish my order but have some questions.

Number of pages

by Emily Hamner, 12 Aug 2017 (02:54 UTC)
What is the max amount of pages a book uploaded from Apple Aperture can be? I know you say we can do more than 100 pages but how many pages is to many in a book

Order Status

by Toni Wyeth, 28 Jul 2017 (20:22 UTC)
What is the average "process" time for an order? I placed an order abt 10 -11 days ago and I keep getting the message "being processed". .I'm concerned that customer service is not what it has been. I have used this service a lot in the past but thinking about changing. Also, why are there never coupons?
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