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by Madison K Resare, 04 May 2018 (15:36 UTC)
I read that my two books would be shipped within 2-5 days. Now I get my confirmation email and it says it won't arrive till the 15. I will no longer be living here at that time. So I need to either cancel my order or change the address, or find a way to get it here sooner.


by esardera, 19 Mar 2018 (16:01 UTC)
Nevermind I see the live chat link on the right works:)

Share a book

by Brenda Motter, 10 Apr 2018 (17:01 UTC)
Hi there, we have created some books for our projects, but a contractor who also worked on the project would like to use our book for his company. Is it possible to share the file of our book with him, and he can edit it and publish as he wishes?

Harper's 7th Birthday Book

by SIM SAVAGE, 14 Mar 2018 (14:53 UTC)
MJ: Is this getting to you and have you received the email I just sent with a picture of the front and rear of the book? I have no idea what syntax I want to use here so chose "plain text". Can I add photos to this "live chat" ??? Sim

Wall Art Landscape 24X12 crops panoramic photos too much

by Carrie Heath, 03 Feb 2018 (21:29 UTC)
Will Presto Photo consider offering longer dimensions or custom sized wall art prints for panoramic landscapes please? The longest length to height ratio is the 24x12 but it still crops too much off the sides of the photos and there is no way to reposition them to include more subject matter to one side or the other in the ordering template. If there was a way for presto photo to automatically size the canvas (or acrylic or metal) frames to the uploaded file and offer custom sizes based on the aspect ratio, then I would spend WAY more money on this site. It's too bad that well-priced printing companies auto-crop and not use templates that make sense for the various of aspect ratios in digital photography. If someone takes a photo of a beautiful landscape, why would it be ok to crop the edges?

Re: Wall Art Landscape 24X12 crops panoramic photos too much

by MJ, 27 Feb 2018 (16:41 UTC)
Hi Carrie!

I actually sent you an email to discuss further!

Warm Regards,

Live Chat?

by Esther, 17 Jan 2018 (15:34 UTC)
There is no link to Live Chat. I need help finding my order that has supposedly been "returned to sender" :( :( :(

Re: Live Chat?

by Bruce Thornblad, 23 Mar 2018 (18:39 UTC)


by Matt Zemon, 20 Nov 2017 (16:18 UTC)
Is LiveChat off today?

Re: LiveChat

by Stephanie, 02 Jan 2018 (21:37 UTC)
HI, i already made my photobook 14x11 as a PDF file, but i'm not sure if it could be printed properly.

1. what is the biggest book you have have?
2. what's the edge/boarder of the page?
3. can i print it as a flat page too?
4. how much pages I can print?
5. where I can find instructions to make my book?
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