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Excellent service.

by thomassteenaerts, 31 Aug 2022 (15:26 UTC)
As a long time graphic designer and printing expert I highly recommend Prestophoto. Working in PDF format makes all the difference compared with other services that work with a, in my experience, unstable cloud format. The good communication during the output process for my 50 page books of 17 copies allowed to make adjustments. The final product is beautiful, the binding, the color reproduction and shipping top notch. Thank you for making my project such a success. T.Steenaerts

Great Experience on resolving problem!! Best Support

by Seijiro Suenobu, 17 Jun 2021 (19:55 UTC)
Really satisfied.
Recently I had problem with my new iMac's Photo Application using PrestoPhoto. But I could resolve problem by using "Chat" and I even could share my screen and could get accurate support. Before when I was using Mac's Photo application I never had such close and personal support, but PrestoPhoto is has very strong support. Or one another good point is that PrestoPhoto shows Q&A in each category by showing in a short movie, and it is really easy to understand.

Flip preview

by Sandra L Griffin, 27 Apr 2021 (00:32 UTC)
I am trying to post my book to sell. I don't want to offer preview pages. I read through the instructions, and it said to stay logged in and go to the website address for selling the book and in the upper left corner, go to EDIT FLIP PAGE and un-check the box that lets people view. I can't get this to work.

Thank you for your help.

Re: Flip preview

by MJ, 03 May 2021 (20:41 UTC)
Hi Sandra,

I believe your question has already been address via email, but I wanted to include that information here as well.

Currently, there is not a way to completely turn off the flip page preview. You can set your flip preview to public and select all of the pages that you want to hide. You will need to leave at least 1 active page in your flip preview. Also keep in mind that if you are logged into your account while viewing your book, you will still be able to see your flip preview. Opening the link to your profile page in Incognito mode is a good way to test how your book is showing up in your flip preview.

I hope this helps, but let us know if you have any other questions!
PrestoPhoto Support

Spots on Most of the Pages

by Sydney Wren, 16 Apr 2021 (20:39 UTC)
I ordered this as a gift for my dad, and spent a lot of time putting it together. When it finally arrived, there are spots on most of the pages, as if it was printed on a bad printer. After spending quite a bit on the book and then on the shipping fee to get it to Canada in time, I'm quite disappointed with the quality of the printing.

Re: Spots on Most of the Pages

by MJ, 23 Apr 2021 (20:02 UTC)
Hi Sydney,

Thanks so much for your post!

In reviewing it looks like you reached out directly via email with some images of your concern. After we reviewed, it was determined that your concerns were the product of a production error which we worked with you on via email (:

If you need further assistance in regards to this order, please just let us know!

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support

Cover prints out darker than source image

by Evan Boone, 16 Jan 2021 (05:48 UTC)
I've noticed that the front cover of the book I had printed came out much darker than the image I had uploaded and almost even looks a bit washed out. The interior images were serviceable but also seemed to suffer from slight darkening and loss of quality, even looking a bit pixellated at times. I most definitely did NOT use low quality images so that is a bit disheartening. The page numbers were cut off, though that was due to my own error. The binding also makes noise when I open and close the book almost like its loose in some places. No pages have fallen out, but I can't say for sure that I'm overly confident about the longevity of use of this book. I LOVE the paper. It's thick and feels of quality. I never have trouble with pages sticking when I turn them and because the text-heavy nature of my print, the matte paper is easier on the eyes. I would be very interested if there was an option for certain elements of the cover to be matte finish while other elements could be gloss. I would also like if this service offered foil printing for book covers. I figured my first book would be sort of a prototype. I'll be giving the service one more try for the next test print. Hopefully I can make some adjustments on my end to compensate for the shortcomings of the print quality, and correct some of my own oversights but I'm still nervous about the binding and the image quality of the pages themselves.

Re: Cover prints out darker than source image

by MJ, 05 Feb 2021 (16:09 UTC)
Hello Evan,

Thanks for reaching out! I'll go over some of your comments/concerns below:

It is best to start off with a basic understanding of color as well as an understanding of the limitations of digital printing. The cover and the interior pages both print on separate machines, as well as on separate papers. This will inevitably cause a variation in printing results. Typically this is nominal, though to individuals more sensitive to differences (such as photographers or design professionals) they may be noticeable to a small degree.

Unlike the human eye, printers are unable to perceive shadows in the way that we do and interpret them instead as a color black. This results in images that look brighter on a backlit computer monitor printing a bit darker than anticipated. If you find that the cover image prints more muted on the cover than you prefer, a simple fix might also be to simply increase the saturation/vibrance and/or contrast of the image on the cover only, and see if that yields satisfactory results.

New books can indeed make a bit of noise when opened/closed. This is quite normal and is a part of the "breaking in" process for books. Just like a new pair of shoes, books need to be used a few times to "loosen up" the stiffened binding and in this process it can make some sounds. The sounds do not indicate any issue with the binding, so you should be all good!

We do not offer any spot gloss or foiling for our products, unfortunately.

If you have questions on your specific project, please reach out to directly at support@prestophoto.com or via Live Chat (hours are Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm EST)

I hope this information helps but if you have any questions, please let us know!

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support

Support and delivery is not up to par

by dennisnelson, 07 Jan 2021 (14:27 UTC)
PLEASE improve your support coverage. Not having CHAT available during 9:00-5:00 as advertised nor having a person to address concerns will lead to poor CSAT, and it will impact your ability to secure a second-order from a return customer. I've received my book after 4 weeks and it is the wrong product. Grrrrr.

Re: Support and delivery is not up to par

by MJ, 05 Feb 2021 (15:39 UTC)
Hello Dennis,

Thank you for reaching out!

In reviewing your support history it looks like you were indeed able to contact us via both Live Chat and via email on January 7th. If we are listed as unavailable between the hours of 9am - 5pm it may simply be due to us being away from our computer momentarily. We are a small company so there are only a small number of support staff. I can assure you that we do our best to assist all of our customers as quickly as we possibly can.

I do also see that your concern about your order was addressed via your correspondence on chat as well.

I hope this information clears up any confusion, but if you have any questions please let us know!

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support
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