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My wife loved the photo books!

by Rick Parker, 26 Dec 2019 (18:46 UTC)
Never knowing what to get my wife for Christmas I decided to make her photo books of our travel journeys. Ina fairly brief span before Christmas I logged into PrestoPhoto and created 4 photo books. There is, like everything, a learning curve and my first book is not as good as the last but she loved them all. I still have lots more to do but now I can enlist her help and I'm sure the books will be better than ever. Thank you PrestoPhoto!

Re: My wife loved the photo books!

by Tim Weaver, 26 Dec 2019 (21:06 UTC)
Hi Rick,

Glad you enjoyed the books, and we're happy to help!

Warm Regards,

Not Apple Quality

by spudgirl, 14 Dec 2019 (17:53 UTC)
I've printed many iPhoto books in the past. Like others I was disappointed when Apple discontinued their printing service so I tried PrestoPhoto for my next book. My partner was so excited to get his new book but when it arrived we are quite disappointed by the quality. The images are either washed out or too dark, not something we want to put on our coffee table to show friends. A real waste of $70. I'm currently uploading the file to another company for a reprint. I will not be recommending PrestoPrint to anyone.

Re: Not Apple Quality

by Tim Weaver, 20 Dec 2019 (14:26 UTC)
Hi spudgirl,

To best assist you, please send in photos to our support email, support@prestophoto.com of the photo book in question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Warm Regards,
Tim from PrestoPhoto

Support email not working, no white cover

by Lyla Boustani, 28 Sep 2019 (16:37 UTC)
I'm generally pleased with my order of books (5!). 1 page had red splotches all over it. But where are the white protective covers like apple provided? These books will be destroyed! Was there an option for these in the cart that I missed? Ordering was very complicated. Can I purchase these separately?

Re: Support email not working, no white cover

by MJ, 01 Oct 2019 (19:30 UTC)
Hi Lyla,

In regards to your comment of "1 page had red splotches all over it", could you send some images of this to us at support@prestophoto.com?

We do not offer the book box that Apple did, so you did not miss this during checkout. I'm not sure exactly where your books are housed, though we do have products on our bookshelves that we printed over 10 years ago that are still in top notch condition!

If we can help with anything else, just let us know via email!

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support

Replacing iphoto.

by D Crompton, 05 Jul 2019 (01:53 UTC)
Like many, I was caught by Apple ceasing the printing of albums. Every year I produced an album for the grandchildren's birthday and was concerned as every company I looked into did not measure up in terms of quality. I am impressed with the quality and time frame for production and delivery to Australia. Great work and thank you; please do not stop producing the quality work.

Re: Replacing iphoto.

by Tim Weaver, 05 Jul 2019 (19:54 UTC)
Hi D Crompton,

Thanks for the kind words, we're glad we met your expectations and then some it seems. We'll keep up the good work, we promise!


I am so happy!

by Roger Bayliss, 23 May 2019 (12:21 UTC)
Dear Mr Presto,

I have just received my first Presto photo book. The quality is simply outstanding. I have been mourning the loss of Apple Books since their demise. I checked out the rest and recently discovered Presto offering my favourite Apple iPhoto formats. I am usually restrained in product endorsements, but the book is of much higher quality than any books in my extensive collection of Apple products, mainly printed in Japan or SINGAPORE. I have now set up a dedicated hard disk with iPhoto to avoid current OS issues, so I can go back to the past and reproduce great quality books with ease. So Mr or Mrs Presto, please take a bow and please keep the service going. My only negative is your expensive freight rates to Australia. I can get my books via my US consolidator, but then I have to wait!
With best wishes from an ecstatic customer in Sydney.
Roger Bayliss

by Claudia Uribe, 14 Feb 2019 (00:25 UTC)
I am very disappointed with my order. The print quality is terrible. Color is totally muddy .
I spent days and days , working on this book , processing each image and placing each photo where it should be. I ordered just one copy to see how it would come out before i ordered more . I have done this for years with Apple creating all my travel books which i have not only printed for myself but also to give as gifts for my family members who come on the trips with me.
I am aware that print is not as good as what you see on the computer screen, but this presto photo book is way off. If you don’t think you can do a better job i would like to return the book and get my money back.
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