Selling Products

Selling Products

Ready to Sell Your Book?

Selling your projects on PrestoPhoto is simple! Follow the steps below to get started.

Get Set Up For Sales

What can I sell?

Upload a PDF or Design Online, we're not picky.

Anything that you can purchase on our site, you can sell too!

Keep it Public

To make selling products as easy as possible, we suggest making your Profile Public. This allows customers to see who you are and what you're selling directly on our site!

  1. Hover over your username in the top right of the page and select "My Account" from the dropdown menu that appears.
  2. Select the "Preferences" option.
  3. Here you will see details of your account. Scroll down to "User Information"
  4. Make sure this is set to Public
  5. Select "Change Preferences" and you're all set!

What is required?

We do require that anyone wanting to see on our site be a part of our "Paying Customers" group. This simply means that you have placed at least one order with us.

We require this solely for the fact that we want our customers to have an understanding of the products that we print and what the product will look like!

Set Your Commissions

What are commissions?

The definition of a commission is a work of art or product in exchange for payment. Here at PrestoPhoto, we love to support local artists, professionals and more so we have created out program to make sure we give your customers a great price while you still get to profit from your work!

Set Your Commissions

To make sure you earn money for your product, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Hover over your username in the top right of the page and select "My Projects" from the dropdown menu that appears.
  2. Select the "Buy Now" button to the right of the project you want to sell.
  3. Here you will see all of the current purchase options for your project.
  4. In the top right corner of this page, click the "Store Options" button (the icon looks like a little lemonade stand) to open the bookstore pop-up window.
  5. Mark the box next to "List Product In Webstore"
  6. Select the Security Level that best fits your project.
  7. Under "Your Sales Commissions" enter the Commissions amount you'd like to make per sale.
  8. If you want to limit the products your customer can purchase (IE. Customers can only purchase in the Economy 120 Photo Paper), deselect all options you do not want to be available under "Size and paper Options" on the left.
  9. Scroll to the bottom and click "Save" and you're all set!

Getting Paid!

Select Your Payment Method

This is quite possibly the most important step in the process, selecting how you'd like to get your commissions payments. If you do not select a payment method, your commissions are held in esgrow until a method is selected. Follow the steps below to set up your payment method.

  1. Hover over your username in the top right of the page and select "My Account" from the dropdown menu that appears.
  2. Select the "Sales" option.
  3. Here you will see details of your account sales including a list of how many orders have been placed for your products. Locate "Payment Method"
  4. Select the type of commissions you would like to receive.
  5. Ensure the secondary pop-up (if applicable) is filled out with the necessary information.
  6. Select "Save" and you're all set to receive commissions!

Payment Options

We offer three payment options to best suit your needs!

Presto Store Credit

Store Credit

Payment Threshold: None

Commissions are converted to Store Credit directly on our site and is available immediately.

No extra information is required.


PayPal Deposit

Payment Threshold: $25

Commissions are sent directly through PayPal. Processing via bank can take 3-5 business days.

PayPal may charge the recipient fees based on the type of your account. See PayPal Fee Schedule for details.

Email address required to receive payment.

Payment by Check


Payment Threshold: $50

Commissions are converted to a physical check. Checks are mailed directly to recipients and can take extended time for delivery.

Mailing address is required to receive payment.


To send the link to your customers, you’ll need to know your Project ID#.

The link should be formatted like this:


Showing your customers a preview is a great way to make them want to purchase your book. Follow these steps to get a preview set up for your books!

  1. After logging into your account, visit the Bookstore page for your Project.Note: Note: The URL will look something like this https://www.prestophoto.com/shop/PROJECTID#HERE
  2. In the top left of the page, click “Flip Preview”
  3. In the dropdown menu that appears, select “Edit Flip Preview”
  4. Your preview will appear in a new window.
  5. At the top fo that page, select “Show Public Customers a Custom Preview”
  6. To only show customers a limited number of pages in the preview, click on the pages you want to disable or hide. Once you’re ready, simply close out the Layout Preview window.
  7. Double check your Layout Preview and you’re done!


Unlike our competitors, we don’t have a time frame for when you must make sales, so you don’t have to worry about your projects disappearing. As long as you don’t delete the project, it is kept on our site as long as you want or need it to be (:

Commissions are paid on the first business day of every month.

The commissions are paid for all closed sales 60 days or older. For example: A payment for a sale on February 15th will post on May 1st.

Note: All commission payments are made in USD and are not available in other currencies.


Non-Commission Sales

by Ryland Museum - Curator Amy Brown, 15 Oct 2020 (20:18 UTC)
Is there a way to tell if someone has bought a book if you are not taking commissions?

Re: Non-Commission Sales

by MJ, 11 Nov 2020 (17:48 UTC)
Hi Amy,

Thanks for your post!

Currently, there is not a way on your end to see how many people have purchased the project if you do not have it set up for commissions. This being said, if you reach out to us via email or chat with your Project ID# (or link to your project) we can provide that information for you (:

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at support@prestophoto.com

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support


by danelle karmazyn, 24 Mar 2018 (15:04 UTC)
How do I select a commission option?


by MJ, 09 Apr 2018 (16:07 UTC)
Hi Danelle!

You can find instructions on how to do that on our newly updated Selling Products page here: https://www.prestophoto.com/help/Selling+Products
Those steps are located under "Getting Paid!" (:

Warm Regards,

Book Store

by nospam130, 23 Jan 2018 (18:18 UTC)
Is there a page where the for sale books by Presto users are displayed?
I see nothing here:

Re: Book Store

by MJ, 29 Jan 2018 (19:26 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

To see some of our available products for sale, www.prestophoto.com/bookstore is the link to go to! What issues do you seem to be having with that link?

You can email us at support@prestophoto.com to give some more detail so we can take a look at what might be going on (:

Warm Regards,
PrestoPhoto Support

Store Credit

by Stevie, 07 Jun 2017 (02:51 UTC)
I have a $20 store credit under my account, but when I go to checkout it's not automatically applied. How do I use that credit to purchase items? Thank you. -Stevie

Re: Store Credit

by MJ, 08 Jun 2017 (18:32 UTC)
Hi Stevie,

Until a payment method is selected for commissions, money is held in escrow.

Since you have now selected Store Credit as your method of payment, I have gone ahead and applied that to your account (: You should now see that when you go to check out!

Future commissions are paid on the 1st of the month for commissions earned over the past 60 days.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Memory Book

by Michelle Wibbelsman, 10 Jan 2012 (02:03 UTC)
I need to give family access to viewing and purchasing a memorial book, but I am not clear on how they should search on PrestoPhoto. I have assigned a password for family in the options, but do they need to register? access the site under my sign in? type in the title? This process is unclear. Thank you in advance. Michelle

Re: Memory Book

by PrestoPhoto Support, 10 Jan 2012 (15:04 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

They will need to have an account with us in order to make the purchase, but not to look at the book!

You will need to give them the URL www.prestophoto.com/shop/ <-then the product ID#. This will take them directly to the page where the book is offered. If it is protected by a password they will be asked to enter the password. The page will then be visible and they can move through the purchasing process.

If you have any further questions please let us know!

PrestoPhoto support
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