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9x6 Photo Book

Photo Books Worth A Thousand Words

From family vacations to art collections, document it all in one of our awesome photo books! We’ve got just the right stuff to preserve your pictures in one neat package.

Looking for a Portrait book? See our Portrait 6"x9"book. To avoid confusion, we specify all our books in WIDTH x HEIGHT.


Imagewrap Photo Book
Imagewrap Photo Book
Pricing Starting at $10.99
Description Our Imagewrap books are acid-free and built to impress with laminated covers that make colors pop and full-bleed images available on every page
Pages 20 to 400
Final Dimensions 9"x6"
Upload Dimensions 9.25"x6.25"
2775 x 1950 px
Paper Type
Cover Softcover
Spine Yes
Production Time 4-7 business days
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