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Let's Get Started

Create an account and get started! Register as a user of PrestoPhoto, or make sure you are already signed in.

Once you are an affiliate, choose from several banners sizes and links to place on your site.

Lightroom Book Sizes
Lightroom Book Sizes

Add Our Affiliate Banner or Embedded Link to Your Website

When your site visitors click a PrestoPhoto banner they will be directed to our site, they are then assigned a unique affiliate ID. When they purchase a product, you earn $5 with their first purchase and 5% with subsequent purchases up to one year after their initial purchase.

Step One

Become an Affiliate

Visitors come from all over the internet to your website, why not monetize that? Become an affiliate with PrestoPhoto and spend time doing what you enjoy! Create a custom photo project and see that we're worth talking about!

Step Two

Post a Banner or Link

Post an embedded link, or banner on your site and viewers can click to begin creating photo projects on the PrestoPhoto website! Customers coming through your site will be synced to your affiliate ID to keep track of traffic.

Step Three

It's Pay Day!

When visitors travel through your website to PrestoPhoto and make a purchase, you get paid! For the first purchase you will receive $5 regardless of product price. With every additional purchase from those customers you receive a 5% commission their first year ordering!


Commissions are paid on the first business day of every month.The commissions are paid for all closed sales 60 days or older. For example: A payment for a sale on February 15th will post on May 1st. For further details see here.

Anywhere you want! We offer our banner in five custom sizes that can be viewed on the affiliate sign-up page.

Beyond admiration from the Presto team, you get paid! With the customers you bring to our site you will earn $5 with their first purchase and 5% with subsequent purchases up to one year after their initial purchase!

We would be so sad to see you go! Of course, if you do choose to, you can opt out of being an affiliate at any time. Notify us via email (