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Affiliate Program

Spread the word about us and make money

We have a lot of customers who love our products, service, and prices. If you feel the same, we'd love to have you join our Affiliate Program. It is a great way for you to save big and all you have to do is tell people about us. Yep, it's as simple as that.

How Our Process Works:


To participate in our affiliate program, first register with us. If you are an existing member make sure you are logged in.

Read and Agree to our Terms of the Program

Agree to the online application. After you click the I AGREE button you are approved and can download banners and links to add to your site.

Add Banners to Your Site

Choose from several banners and links to place on your site. When your site visitors click a PrestoPhoto banner they will be directed to our site. They are assigned a unique affiliate ID. When they purchase a product, you earn $5 with their first purchase and 5% with subsequent purchases up to one year after their initial purchase.

Get Paid

Our payouts are $5 for every initial purchase, and 5% of additional purchases within 60 days of registration.

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