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Digital Scrapbook Printing

Capture and preserve your memories digitally.

One Book, Many Sizes

PrestoPhoto offers the most paper, sizing, and binding options of any scrapbook printing company. Create a 12 x 12 scrapbook and print your creation in any of these sizes, all in a single order!

Design Guidelines

One of the most important things to remember when creating scrap pages for inclusion in a bound book is that all publishers crop (trim) the pages prior to binding them. Fortunately, it is easy to accommodate the trim if you follow these guidelines. Simply remember not to place anything of importance within a 1/2" of any edge. Although trim is usually only a 1/4", it is better to play it safe. See our design guidelines and Cropping & Bleed page for more details.

Scrapbooking Instructions

1. Choose the size and type of book. If you scrap in square format there are eight options to choose from. All square format books use the 12x12 master page set up, and then you can select the size you wish to purchase when you check out. We also offer a variety of other sizes including 8.2 x 11 in portrait/vertical format.

2. Check to be sure that nothing important is within a 1/2" of any edge. You can see more detail about this in the Design Guidelines section and also download png templates to help you check your layouts.

3. If you find that your layouts have important elements in the crop zone, you have a few quick options. One of them is to resize your layout by 1/2" and then substitute a full size copy of your background paper. If you are working with flattened files you can resize and add the background paper as a new layer or add a complimentary color as the new background to fill in that 1/2" area.

4. Before uploading your jpeg files you might find it helpful to rename them by page number i.e. 01, 07, 14, 34, 57 etc. That way they will automatically appear in the order they should be for your book. The image you select as your "gallery favorite" will automatically become your cover image. Remember the first page in all books is a single right hand page, so plan your double page layouts accordingly.

5. Once all your layouts are uploaded and you have double checked that your pages are in the order you want them to appear you are ready to order your book.

6. We recommend our Online Book Designer as it has nice drag and drop interface. If you are using the Book Machine, choose the following options: full-bleed, no captions, auto crop. Make sure your cover page is what you want and that you select a back cover image, unless you are doing a full wrap cover. You will have an opportunity to preview your cover further into the book creation process. If you are making a 10x10 or 12x12 book you do not need to design a cover as they are only available in case wrap materials.

7. If you already have text on your cover, you can just delete the default title information. If your book is large enough you can have text placed on the spine.

8. Review the PDF preview file carefully for any typos, cropping issues or anything else you wish to correct before finalizing your order.

9. If you did need to make some corrections, be sure to regenerate your book and check the second preview before placing your order.

10. Enjoy showing off your layouts in your new bound book!

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