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3.5x3.5 Mini Book

3.5x3.5 Mini Book

Photo Books Worth A Thousand Words

The perfect little book to capture the excitement of the big game! With this compact size and 3-pack book order, everyone on the team will get a momentum, win or lose! Go Team!

3.5"x3.5" Custom Printed Photo Book Specifications
3.5x3.5 Imagewrap Softcover Photo Book with Silk 120 Photo Paper Silk 120 Photo Paper
Binding Style Imagewrap Softcover Silk 120 Photo Paper
Description Silk 120 is the thinnest we offer, similar to the pages of a magazine and will make your 3.5"x3.5" Imagewrap Softcover Book have a softer image quality.
Price Starting at $14.99 (3-pack) Based on 20 Page Book Binding: $4.99 Per Page: $0.50
Pages 13 to 105
Final Dimensions 3.5” x 3.5”
PDF Dimensions 3.75” x 3.75” 1125px x 1125px
Production Time 4-7 Business Days
Interior Pages Full Color
Spine Yes


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mini book

by Desiree Schaefer, 24 May 2017 (14:14 UTC)
can you order just one mini book? I want to make several but each one will be tailored to the person that will receive it - so I don't want 3 identical books - kindly let me know the pricing on that

Ordering in bulk

by casey hallen, 27 May 2010 (00:35 UTC)
I'm interested in ordering a mini book in lets say, 100 copies of the same book (each book having the minimum of 20pgs) how much would that be?

Re: Ordering in bulk

by PrestoPhoto Support, 27 May 2010 (14:34 UTC)

greetings from PrestoPhoto, and thank you for your interest.

We do offer bulk discounts which apply if you order multiple copies of one book. Here is a link to our pricing page:

Here is a link to our catalog page, which lists the trim sizes as well as the costs:

All you need to do is key in your number of pages and your quantity and you will see the cost of your project.

For example if I key 24 pages and quantity of 50 the cost for the 8.5x8.5 hardcover with photo silk paper is $998.55. Without the discount that book would cost $1109.05

You can play around with the page counts and the number of books to see other prices.

Hope this helps :)

PrestoPhoto support

Still need more clarity on pricing

by Mike, 20 Jan 2010 (21:04 UTC)
So, I'm still confused on the pricing. When you say a 3-pack, does that mean you get three identical books? So, if I were to order a book that has 40 pages, is the cost $4.99 + ($0.50 x 40) = $24.99. And, for that $24.99 do I get three identical 40 page books?


Re: Still need more clarity on pricing

by Christian Fowler, 20 Jan 2010 (21:04 UTC)

You got it! For $24.99 total, you will get a three-pack of identical 40 page, 3.5" books.