3.5x3.5 Mini Book

The perfect trio!


3.5x3.5 mini books are available in perfect bound soft cover. These wallet sized books come in three-packs and are a great choice for brag books.

Because of their small size these are best at showing off photos with limited amounts of text added. Or you can design a book to have text on one page and an accompanying photo on the opposite page.

Mini books can be auto-scaled on checkout, so multiple sizes can be purchased from a single book. However, if you plan to scale down from a 12x12 layout and have a lot of smaller text on the page, it may not be very readable.
3.5x3.5 Bound Photo Book Specifications
Product FamilySquare Photo Books
Min/Max Pages: 20 to 100*
Interior PaperDigital Silk
Final Dimensions3.5"x3.5" (89x89mm)
PDF Upload Dimensions3.75"x3.75" (95.25x95.25mm)
Cover BindingPerfect binding
SpinePerfect binding
Production Time4-7 Business Days

  • For best results, the page count should be less than 100. Binding may not hold up well for books with 100 pages or more.

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Ordering in bulk

by casey hallen, 27 May 2010 (00:35 UTC)
I'm interested in ordering a mini book in bulk....like lets say, 100 copies of the same book (each book having the minimum of 20pgs) how much would that be?

Re: Ordering in bulk

by PrestoPhoto Support, 27 May 2010 (14:34 UTC)

greetings from PrestoPhoto, and thank you for your interest.

We do offer bulk discounts which apply if you order multiple copies of one book. Here is a link to our pricing page: http://www.prestophoto.com/wiki/Photo+Book+Pricing

Here is a link to our catalog page, which lists the trim sizes as well as the costs: http://www.prestophoto.com/wiki/Catalog

All you need to do is key in your number of pages and your quantity and you will see the cost of your project.

For example if I key 24 pages and quantity of 50 the cost for the 8.5x8.5 hardcover with photo silk paper is $998.55. Without the discount that book would cost $1109.05

You can play around with the page counts and the number of books to see other prices.

Hope this helps :)

PrestoPhoto support

Still need more clarity on pricing

by Mike, 20 Jan 2010 (21:04 UTC)
So, I'm still confused on the pricing. When you say a 3-pack, does that mean you get three identical books? So, if I were to order a book that has 40 pages, is the cost $4.99 + ($0.50 x 40) = $24.99. And, for that $24.99 do I get three identical 40 page books?


Re: Still need more clarity on pricing

by Christian Fowler, 20 Jan 2010 (21:04 UTC)

You got it! For $24.99 total, you will get a three-pack of identical 40 page, 3.5" books.