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Printing support for your Apple Photos Books. Export to PDF and Presto does the rest!

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Photos® Book Printing

Apple may have discontinued Photos project printing, but not us. It's easy! Just upload your book and print.

macOS 10.15 "Catalina" Update Instructions

Before updating to macOS 10.15 "Catalina", please check out our App Upgrade page for instructions.

This update also no longer supports Aperture and iPhoto, so by updating you will lose access to past projects. We suggest you backup all of your photo book projects before updating.

Apple Photo Project Ordering

Follow these steps in Photos to create a complete book and enjoy PrestoPhoto's great everyday pricing!

  1. Complete your book in Photos
  2. In your project, press the control key and click on the gray background to select Save Book as PDF... from the options
    Keys to Save Book PDF
    Or hold the option key and click on the Buy Book option in the top right hand corner
    Keys to Save Book PDF other option
  3. Upload the PDF to PrestoPhoto and place your order

Please Note: Our system will automatically format your project correctly when it's saved according to the steps above! Please do not alter project size, remove cover pages, or alter any other part of your Apple Photo Project PDF.

Projects previously created in Photos will no longer able to be edited with the new Mac OS 10.14 Mojave release. To help assist with Apple photo project ordering, there are a few options that you have to continue with those projects.

  • If you have projects in Photos that are unfinished, be sure you complete your project before upgrading to Mojave if possible.
  • Export your project to a PDF by selecting the "Export to PDF" button in the top right corner of Photos. Then simply upload the file to our site!
  • For projects not yet completed in full, we can run your project through a conversion tool to generate a new and editable project via an alternative creation program. Export to PDF following the steps above and email us.
  • Start from scratch! Using our new Mac OS App, you can create projects with the same templates you've grown to love!

Apple Compatible Templates

Need to design a book outside of Photos? Our templates have you covered.

Using these templates, you can design online, download our Apple Pages templates, or design using our new Mac OS app!

Print your Apple Photos Book as a Layflat

Layflat Apple Photos Book Printing

Just in for our Apple Photos Books is a Layflat Photo Book Printing option. Print seamless, edge to edge photo books, for a price no other photo book company can beat!

Layflat Photo Books
Layflat Photo Book with flaps printed in Interior Cover


New for our Apple Photos books is interior dust jacket flap printing straight onto the interior of the book. We think this is just Flap-tastic! Order your Apple Photos book as a seamless layflat photo book with dust jacket flaps in your PDF file, and this new feature will be applied automatically for you.