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Wedding Photo Book Templates

Modern Wedding

By Kurt Haunreiter $4.00
This wedding template uses several different styles. Remember that the format isn't as important as the message or story you are trying to convey. Choose a format that enhances the story and photographs, but does not take the attention away from the photograph. You can set the mood of each page by rearranging and selecting different page layouts. Black and White has a timelessness about it and I highly suggest that you use it. Alternate pages with color and black and white, but...
page 1 page 10 page 11 page 12 page 13 page 14
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Neutral Melody

By Blue Angels $5.00
40+ templates in Heavenly silver, champagne and ivory hues. Great for those beautiful precious moments in 12 x 12, 10 x 10, 8 x 8 books. Pages can have 1 to 6 photos. You can mix and match using the template that best goes with that special picture. Also great for hybrid scrapbooking where you can add a personal touch with embellishments.
neutralmelody #8 n10 neutralmelody #42 n2 n22 n21
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Red Heart and Lovebirds

By Anni $5.00
Wedding or Valentine scrapbook pages with folksy Red Heart and Lovebirds. Pretty memories of a perfect day or sweet Valentine moments. Coordinating printable crafts, 3D Valentine Card Kits and computer scrapbooking at [|Anni Arts]
V12x12QckCvr9 V12x12QckJrnl10 V12x12Qckpg6 V12x12Qckpg1 V12x12QckPlainPg2 V12x12Qckpg5
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Simple Border - Glitter

Classy, Simple, Sleek! Just what you need for your Christmas, New Years or Save the Date cards. Add an extra touch of sparkle to all of your event invites! Available in Gold and Silver! Check out my other templates for solid color borders!
Gold Border Gold Background Blank Gold Snowflakes Silver Border Silver Background
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Simple White/Black Template

By ASuth $3.50
Personalize your template by using Viovio's captions. Here's a link to a screencast that will show you how!
Wedding 1 pdf 2.pdf #4 Wedding 1 pdf 3.pdf #2 Wedding 1 pdf 2.pdf #2 Wedding 1 pdf 4.pdf #5 Wedding 1 pdf 4.pdf #4 Wedding 1 pdf 3.pdf #6
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Sophistication in Damask

By Spaces for Faces $5.00
Elegant black and white damask provides the perfect accent in this wedding or special occasion book. Add titles and journaling with white font in large black blocks for a gorgeous treasure of your special memories.
temp 33.png temp 36.png temp 31.png temp 32.png temp 35.png temp 29.png
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Wedded Bliss

By Veronica Spriggs $8.00
An amazing wedding album with delicate patterns and elegant design. 40+ pages ensures a beautiful and sophisticated way to tell your wedding story. For a more subtle album see [|Wedded Bliss - Pristine]. This album in a soft silvery white.
vjs-weddedbliss-40.png vjs-weddedbliss-38.png vjs-weddedbliss-37.png vjs-weddedbliss-39.png vjs-weddedbliss-30.png vjs-weddedbliss-33.png
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Wedding -Delicate Melody

By Blue Angels $5.00
Wedding templates with see thru and patterned neutral backgrounds. Please zoom in to see pattern detail, very difficult to see from preview. *-* Please be aware that some templates are setup to bleed (go to the very edge of the paper) for a special effect look. These pages will make the pictures run to the edge and some of the picture will not be visible as a result of the crease, while others get trimmed 1/4 inch from edge. TEMPLATES with and without bleed are available!
b-2-1.png B-22  B-26 b-2.png B-23.png b-3.png
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Wedding Elegance

By Blue Angels $5.00
Beautiful templates in hues of white and black tones with tender phrases and words (First kiss, our song, blank so you can fill out, etc.. Great for engagement or wedding memories.
wedding-blck-wht #1 wedding-blck-wht #10 wedding-blck-wht #11 wedding-blck-wht #12 wedding-blck-wht #13 wedding-blck-wht #14
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