Panoramic Collage
Wall Prints

12 inch by 36 inch Panoramic Acrylic Collage Wall Print

Size and Surface Options


Wall Art Canvas


Wall Art Canvas


Wall Art Faux


Wall Art Brushed Metal

Popular Templates

Panoramic Temlate Auto Fit
Panoramic Template Eight Stamps
Panoramic Template Example from Page
Panoramic Template Steps

And many more!

Check out the Templates tab in the designer and drag and drop whichever you like!

Panoramic Template Center of Attention

1. Whenever you start up your wall art, click on the template button in the top right corner

Panoramic Template Center of Attention

2. Find which template you like, and drag it onto your product page to the left to apply the template.

Ready to Hang

All of our Wall Art comes with everything neccesary to get it up on the wall. Canvas's come with materials you screw in yourself, and on metal and acrylic, it's already on the back.

Metal and Acrylic Hanger
Canvas Hanger
Panoramic Acrylic Collage Wall Print over Couch

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With a Panoramic Collage Wall Print, you don't have to choose just one photo! Put on all your favorites with one of our templates or use Auto Fit and let it do the heavy lifting for you!