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DPI. What happens if..

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Re: DPI. What happens if..

Posted:30 Mar 2011 (16:50 UTC)
Actually, we recommend that images should be at 300 dpi and they should be .25" larger than the book you plan to create. So for an 8.5x11 book the images should be 8.75x11.25 and at 300 dpi that would be 2625x3375. So you could actually calculate the image size for any book you plan to create. That also holds true for the covers.

The size of your images are counted in pixels. In order to get a nice crisp picture, your images should be at 300dpi.

If the resolution is higher than 300dpi your upload is soooo much slower and the printer may choke trying to process the file which will be very large and the print resolution won't be better than 300dpi.

So more trouble for no more crispness in the printed images.

We also recommend that you don't have any important items within the outer 1/2" on all sides. We trim 1/8" and we ask that you allow 1/8" for safety so that is .25"

Here is a link to our book binding specs page that gives detail information on all our trim sizes (including price)

For all of our books the first page of the interior file always prints on the right. Here is a link to a picture of how this looks

Ship time will depend on the ship method you select.
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DPI. What happens if..

Posted:26 Mar 2011 (15:09 UTC)
I'm new at this. I'm making my book and most of my pictures are at 300 DPI. But I just realized some are at 175 DPI or even 72 dpi. I discarded some because of the warning "Too Low DPI". Some I love too much to discard and tried to fix them in PaintShop Pro. I went onto "Resize" and increased the DPI to 300. They look good now but I wonder what it will do to the quality of the book. Does this do any harm? Does it make pixely looking pictures? Where does it get the extra dots from if they are not there to start with. Does it just double the same dots in the same colors and reduce the sharpness or does it divide the picture into smaller dots and keep it sharp?