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Modifying Templates

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Jeff Walls
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Joined: 24 Nov 2010

Re: Modifying Templates

Posted:06 Apr 2011 (13:24 UTC)
You can use templates from several sources in yuour creation.
Joshua Glickman
Joined: 04 Apr 2011

Modifying Templates

Posted:05 Apr 2011 (18:47 UTC)
I am attempting to create several Photobooks for my wife for our anniversary. Is there a way to easily modify existing template pages?

For example, I am using the "Simple and Sheer Templates" template. In that template, many of the pages are full-page pictures, but they all have an additional, smaller second picture embedded somewhere else on the page. Is it possible to either remove the frame for the second picture (so that it is just a plain, full-page picture) or borrow a template page from another template?

Any help would be sincerely appreciate. Up against a bit of a time crunch!