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Photobook ready to order

PrestoPhoto Support
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Re: Photobook ready to order

Posted:20 Apr 2011 (16:32 UTC)

Please send a note to with your user id and we'll take a look :)

Have a great day!

JJ Wang
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Photobook ready to order

Posted:11 Apr 2011 (00:31 UTC)
Dear PrestoPhoto expert,

I am new to viovio.

I just put together a 11x8.5 photobook (210 pages, Premium Paper) ready to order (shop/94987)
However, as a new customer, I don't have enough confidence to put the order in immediately.

Would you please take a look for me to see if having any big problems?
For example, as it may look different from my computer screen, is it too dark or bright? Any color consistancy problem?

Thank you very much!