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Bleed Zone

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Re: Bleed Zone

Posted:02 May 2011 (10:49 UTC)
We prefer one complete PDF or separate .jpg files. We recommend your images be at 300 dpi.

For all our trim sizes we recommend you make the cover images as well as the interior page images 1/4" larger than your book size. For example if you plan to create an 8.5x11 book the cover image as well as interior pages would be 8.75x11.25 (at 300 dpi).

Most importantly, keep all important items (people, heads, text,borders) away from the outer 1/2" on all sides.

Here is a page that may help

We trim 1/8" on all sides and just keep in mind an 1/8" is a greater percentage of the book for our mini books than it is for say an 8.5x11 book. In other words 1/8" is a greater percentage of 5" than it is of 8.5". Does that make sense?
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Bleed Zone

Posted:02 May 2011 (02:32 UTC)
What kind of bleed do the pages have when they are printed? some of my text and pictures are right on the edges and I don't want them to be cut off! Thanks!