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Re: JPG to PDF

Posted:25 May 2011 (14:47 UTC)
Greetings Mike,

Hmnn, I can see your jpegs in your gallery and it looks like you are okay to go. Just open our book designer, select the product type you want to make, and drag and drop them into place on a template which is a simple one page drop zone.

For more on using our book designer:

-PrestoPhoto Support
Michael Kitada
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Posted:24 May 2011 (22:06 UTC)
I've been trying to upload my yearbook for two days. I've called Adobe and they said that once I've turned my jpg's into a PDF, there isn't anyway to embed the fonts, that it's just one layer.
Then I tried to upload jpgs and I actually have a gallery, but I can't figure out how to order the yearbook that I want. Please help, I'm on a tight deadline.