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trouble shooting

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Christian Fowler
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Re: trouble shooting

Posted:02 Jun 2011 (02:44 UTC)
Hi Charlene,

This sounds like an issue with image caching (your browser is remember old versions of the images to help make your pages load faster, but hasn't checked to see if the images change on the server).

On the page where you see the old images, hold down the SHIFT key and click reload. This usually forces your browser to make fresh requests for all of the images.

Let us know if this works!
Joined: 13 May 2011

trouble shooting

Posted:29 May 2011 (05:36 UTC)
My photobook is having trouble refreshing and matching the layout even after I have saved. When I go to the Flip Preview, it still shows the old layout. When I go back to the Design layout, it shows the new layout in the order I want the photos in but everytime I go back to the preview before purchasing, it still shows the old photos. Please help?