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Re: help

Posted:09 Jun 2011 (18:18 UTC)
Hi, Shannon!

I'm so sorry, we don't offer phone support. We offer email and IM support (which is actually live help). The cost is very high for phone support, which would cause us to raise prices. You can access the IM feature by selecting the Contact PrestoPhoto link at the bottom of each page. I promise we respond quickly to the email and IM requests.

I hope I am understanding your question correctly - are you trying to re-arrange pages in the book designer? If so, after you have added all of your images, you can click on "Arrange Pages" and move them around into the order that you like.

Does that help? If not, please contact us at and we will assist you.

PrestoPhoto Support
Shannon Kerr
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Posted:09 Jun 2011 (05:38 UTC)
I just want someone to talk to. I have been on site a couple times and ready to go buy my 12 x 12 loose pages somewhere else. I have up loaded about 100 and have a lot more to upload. I uploaded my 2010 album and when it got to your site it was not in order Jan-Dec. 2010. The pages were all mixed up so I didn't know if it all uploaded. This is annoying.. Also I can't figure out how to get them in order then take this to the next step.. I want a live person not typing back in forth. What is a number I can call and what times are you open. I need around 500 pages in total and I am a new customer to you. Again I want to talk to someone. Even to add this message it says Content Format above, I have no idea what that even means.. Just print my pages and have them in order. Site is hard to use.