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Load Pages in crazy endless LOOP!!

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Joined: 30 Sep 2004

Re: Load Pages in crazy endless LOOP!!

Posted:18 Jun 2011 (01:37 UTC)
Hi Jan, Great looking book! We notice there is an issue collating your pages into a press ready PDF book. We haven't seen this with other books, however clearly something is going on here. Our engineers are updating our PDF libraries, and working after hours to sort this out. They should have it figured out in the next day or two.
Jan Alexander
Joined: 02 Jan 2011

Load Pages in crazy endless LOOP!!

Posted:17 Jun 2011 (23:08 UTC)
Has anyone else had the site go crazy on them? The cover of my book has gone weird--all blurry like it is super close up, and the pages won't load. The "load pages" feature is in an endless loop. I'm only hoping this doesn't mean my actual book is screwed up. I will totally flip out if it is, because I have spent hours and hours on it. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

I have emailed them at but I see they only work Monday to Friday and I can't wait that long to learn if this can be fixed. Thanks!