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Wedding Photo Book

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Re: Wedding Photo Book

Posted:22 Jun 2011 (15:07 UTC)
Greetings James!

Let's see, the PrestoPhoto logo will be on the back cover of each book. You can put it in one of 9 locations, (top, center, bottom & left, center or right). You can add your own logo to appear on the back of the book or last page of the book if you would like.

There are two ways to ensure no PrestoPhoto logo will appear on the back of your book.

1) become a professional member and the PrestoPhoto logo is removed from ALL your books. Here is a link to the page that gives information on the professional membership

2) on a PER ORDER basis you can pay $10 flat fee to remove the logo from those particular books. This option is selected at checkout.

Option 2 will be selected each time you place an order. So it will add up over time.

-PrestoPhoto Support
James Coger`
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Wedding Photo Book

Posted:22 Jun 2011 (13:59 UTC)
WIll your product contain a PrestoPhoto logo, or do I have options to place my own logo in your book as the only logo provided?