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Re: Pricing...

Posted:29 Jun 2011 (15:59 UTC)
Greetings Brian!

I'm a little confused of where you got your quote from, but we offer to the dime quotes on this page: http://www.prestophoto.com/wiki/Product+Catalog

Just input the number of pages in the table at the top and your price will be generated below where the product information is! Bulk discount is automatically applied too mrgreen!

Thanks for considering PrestoPhoto as your printer!
-PrestoPhoto Support
Brian Davies
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Posted:29 Jun 2011 (06:21 UTC)
Hey Team,

Can you explain 'purchase time pricing' vs 'creator pricing'? I was hesitant to order when I thought my cost was at $160/book ....but ecstatic after committing to buy at this price and facing $60/book instead!
Many thanks,