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8.5x11 Softcover - Double sided?

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Re: 8.5x11 Softcover - Double sided?

Posted:05 Jul 2011 (16:47 UTC)
Greetings Sabrina!

We have answered to your question in a reply to the email you sent!

Thanks so much,
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8.5x11 Softcover - Double sided?

Posted:02 Jul 2011 (02:14 UTC)
Hi! I'm new to PrestoPhoto and have a question. I'm needing to print a soft cover book, 8.5x11. Are the pages double sided...printed on both sides? I designed the book that way, but now I don't see if that's actually the way it prints. The flip book shows it...but the descriptions don't. Probably a dumb question, but thought I'd ask first! Thanks!