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the bookstore

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Re: the bookstore

Posted:11 Jul 2011 (22:23 UTC)

Thanks for the post and sorry for the frustration! You were not seeing results because our search index was updating once per hour. We know update every 15 minutes. We have also fix some issues saving and displaying tags for products. Please try it out again and let us know if you need anything else!
jonathan buchanan
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the bookstore

Posted:07 Jul 2011 (19:59 UTC)
I do not understand the bookstore. How is a potential customer supposed to have the slightest chance of finding your photobook. The search option is difficult to find, and does not work. I have placed about 6 tags for my book. They are on the list of tags, but do not come up in a search. On top of that,if you go directly to my book, you have no option to flip through the pages. Also there is no way to just scroll through all the books and accidently find it. Why would I pay $35 a year to be a retail member.