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Shipping to Multiple Addresses

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Re: Shipping to Multiple Addresses

Posted:11 Jul 2011 (15:21 UTC)
Greetings George, and thank you for your question.

Currently shipping to multiple addresses remains the same at this time.

If I missed anything, or I can be of any other assistance let me know.

-PrestoPhoto Support
George Bragg
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Shipping to Multiple Addresses

Posted:09 Jul 2011 (20:46 UTC)
In 2006 Christian replied:

Posted:Wed 29 of Nov, 2006 (22:31)

Hi Jeanne,

Thanks for writing! We'd love to handle orders this way, however much of the efficiencies in bulk orders come in the shipping and handling part of the process. I'm afraid 10 orders of the same book to 10 locations is the same amount of work as fulfilling 10 different orders. Printing up a single stack of 10 books an putting them in a single box saves a lot of time.

On a similar note, we do want to get ordering to multiple addresses much easier, however it's gonna be next year before we get to that.

- Christian

My question is the same, did you make ordering and shipping to multiple address easier and if so how?