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Posted:21 Jul 2011 (14:32 UTC)
Hi, Tanya!

PrestoPhoto Engineering has told me this issue has been fixed. Please contact us at if you continue to have trouble.

Thank you so much for letting us know and we appreciate your patience!

PrestoPhoto Support
Tanya Sij
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Posted:20 Jul 2011 (18:25 UTC)
sadI cannot get the pages i have put in order to collate. it is right when i edit and everything looks great but when i go to layout view there are blank pages and pictures missing. is there something wrong with the website that it is not seeing changes. I cannot order my book and it is getting frustrating. any hints on how to fix problem. I have logged out, tried multiple computers. erased last 20 pics where problem was and built pages again but layout view and flip view does not change... thanks